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We are lucky here in the USA that we seldom struck without warning of “Major weather events”. Yet time after time we see the same thing happen. Stores and gas stations are mobbed. In Hurricane country add the rush for plywood to board up the windows as well. I was asked myself why, does this happen every time there is a storm? The states along the Gulf of Mexico haven’t moved, and quite a few folks have lived there more than a couple of years. The weather channel has crazy folks that actually go looking for these storms to report them and still folks don’t prepare. I believe we are hearing the “Storm warnings” for an Economic Storm as well and people still don’t prepare.

Perhaps you have gone to a couple of those survival/preparedness sites and looked at the prices, and think to what are they selling the food or Gold? It’s too expensive, I’m having a hard enough time just keeping food on the table and they want me to spend over $3,000.00 for a year’s worth of gourmet freeze dried food? At least that what I thought, I’m on disability so I make just enough not get any other government assistance. So I had to go a different way, I had to go cheap. I’m simply stocking my pantry for a year. I will be cooking and eating the food I store. I don’t buy food that sits for 10 to 25 years. I buy food that has a shelf-life of 2-5 years. Good ole flour, wheat, rice, beans, canned goods. Stuff you buy everyday at the supermarket. I don’t store my food in fancy buckets, Mylar bags and of oxygen absorbers. I use Bay leaves, and heavy duty food grade zip lock bags and Rubbermaid bins. I have not had any insect or rodent problems for the 2 years I’ve been doing it this way.

Now getting started on prepping is always the hard part. You have to prioritize this just like anything else in your budget. I think of it as a life insurance policy that keeps you alive during an emergency. This could be losing your job or the “Zombie Apocalypse” and everything in between.

Now you probably have a lot of these items already on hand. Once you have everything together in backpacks or a carry all, you will be ready for 3 days, at home or you can put it in your vehicle.

This is just a basic setup of your Bug out Bag (BOB). You will have 3 days worth, these are multi-taskers, and they don’t spoil. You can always use them for other things such as camping, tailgate parties, and travel safety.

For example: 3 day supply of all your needs. All you need is container to store the following items, and can be easily transported

  • Food: 3 meals a day for 3 days for each person. Something easy to prepare, cup o’soup, instant oatmeal, granola/candy bars, hot cocoa mix, tea. Next time you have fast food grab some extra salt, pepper, sugar packets to add to you bag.
  • Water: 1 gallon per day per person. If you drink soda buy it in the 2 or 3 litter bottles. Wash the bottles and fill with water, 4 liters equal just over a gallon. Don’t use plastic milk jugs, the plastic in them breaks down rather quickly. Remember this for food and sanitation as well. I know this is can be hard to keep in your car at all times. Have it stored in the house or garage and ready to go before you need it.
  • Sanitation and health: all purpose Bleach can be used purify water, kills viruses, germs and bacteria on surfaces. Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, toilet paper, Comb, brush, toothbrush, bar of soap, toothpaste, feminine hygiene and/or diapers, garbage bags, Toilet Paper.
  • First aid Kit Disposable gloves and masks a small sewing kit and safety razor blades.
  • Entertainment: Books, games, cards, dice, Radio with extra batteries or a wind up type.
  • Heat and light: Flashlight with extra batteries, Sterno has a little emergency kit for around $8.00 that includes a little stove, fuel for the stove and 7 candles. You will need small pan or mess kit for cooking. Matches or a lighter.
  • Keep fuel tanks half full or more at all times.
  • Medications: Allergy, prescriptions, Pain killers, cough drops, indigestion, diarrhea…
  • Copies of insurance papers, driver’s license, Pictures of pets and family member in case of separation. Have an out of state contact number if possible. That will be your check in spot to let folks know you are ok. Place in a ziplock bag.
  • Don’t forget your pet’s needs, leash, collars, food and water, dishes. Sanitation doggie training pads, kitty litter, most shelters will not allow pets, only service animals. They need to be prepared too. Kitty litter can be used for traction if you get stuck.
  • Warm clothing, emergency blankets, Extra undies and socks. T-shirts and sweats.About 3 sets of each, that gives you 1 set to wear, 1 set dirty and 1 set clean to change into as a min.
  • At least $20.00 in bills and change. Assume your ATM card and checks will be no good.
  • Remember the best survival kit is no use to you if it’s at home and you are in your car. You will have to duplicate your effort somewhat. But if you have the same things in your car as you do at home you have just doubled everything if caught at home.

You can probably build this kit for around $25.00- $30.00. I love to shop the dollar stores for the Medicines, gloves, 1st aid kits and the snacks. Think of this as a life preserver if you have to evacuate or get stuck on the road.

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