Some Good buys this week

These are some great items that can supplement your pantry. Remember get what you want eat and know how to prepare every day. Plus if you want a quick meal without a lot of fuss all of these items will fit the bill. I like to bake my chicken for 1 meal and then for the left over meat, use it in a green salad, casarole, or stir fry. Take the bones add water in a slo cooker you have chicken broth or add carrots, celery, and onions you have chicken stock. Once the liquid has cooled you can freeze it in Ice cube trays or food grade zip lock bag.
Paul’s Market Good till 28 Sep 10
Progresso Soup .98 per can Limit 6
Ragu Pasta Sauce .98 Limit 6
Albertsons Good till 28 Sep 10
Libby’s Vegatable .39 per can No limit
La Victoria Salsa 1.49 when you buy 10
Fred Meyers Good through 25 Sep 10
Samitan Canned Veggies 3/$1.00
Whole Chicken .49 per pound Update .79 per pound. FM has sold out of the .49 per pound

3 Responses to Some Good buys this week

  1. Oldmanriver says:

    Nice Site Lynn. these lists are awesome!

  2. Oldmanriver says:

    Here is a site that I buy stuff from that has very reasonable prices for different things. They also just have alot of cool stuff to look at.

  3. Thanks OMR, One reason I love the Internet is it gives you a lot of options. As my Mom says "Shopping for women is a bit like hunting is for men." We get to workout of gathering. For guys I think its more like hunting. I love how to different approaches can complement each other so well. Men are more the "Survivalist Type". Security, protection, hunting and providing tend to be how men approach this problem. Whereas women are the "Preppers". Storing and preparing family for "hard times". Looking more toward the nurturing and cleanliness side of things. Of course this is a broad generalization.

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