Food Buys 29 Sept. 2010

Cash & Carry Good till 10 Oct 2010
Pearled Barley $11.49 #25 bag
Green or Yellow Split Peas $12.99 #25 bag
Ground Beef 73/27 $14.70 #10 Chub
Pork Spare Ribs $1.48 per lb. 13 # average
Pork Picnic $1.09 per lb. 17 # average.
Perishable Sales flyer for Cash & Carry is not  posted online. That flyer usually comes out every 2 weeks and must be picked up in store.

Pauls Market  29 Sept- 5 Oct.2010 CASE LOT Sale
15 Rolls of Paper Towels or 36 Rolls of Tissue Paper $6.98
Pendleton White Flour $5.88 for #25 bag

Those are few of the items that caught my eye and will be stocking up on. Check out Paul’s via the link and see if they have what you need to stock up on

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