The BOV Bathroom

Most disasters seem to have a  2-3 week “maximum danger” period. If you check out the Federal governments website  they will tell you to plan on “No Federal Assistance” for 3-14 days minimum. I believe them! LOL
So you will need have at least 2-3 weeks worth of items you use everyday already loaded. The best way to figure that out is write down what you use in a day, and figure out how long each item lasts. Mark the date when you open a new tube of toothpaste or roll of toilet paper. Those little dry erase boards or calendars are great for this task. Run this little test for about a month. You should cover about all the things you will need in case your needs are different than mine.
First thing first Water. You need a min. of 1 gallon a day of  clean water. My RV has a tank that can store plenty of water for me for 2 weeks. But I am adding an additional 10 gallons of water and a good water filter as well. My water tank could be damaged in some way or I need to stay away from the disaster area  longer than my original thought. Water is heavy make sure you can move the container you store it in. I’m sure you have seen water storage barrels of 30-50 gal or more. That’s okay for your home but I doubt you will be able to load it at the last minute. 5 gallons is fairly portable and you can get them at the local stores during the hunting and camping season. I also like 2-3 liter soda bottles as a cheap alternative. After you have finished the soda, just wash with hot, soapy water and rinse. Fill with ordinary tap water. Do not use the plastic jugs that milk comes in. The plastic breaks down quickly and is very thin compared to soda bottles. Remember this will be you water ration for cooking and cleaning.
Now for the items that you use everyday. The Potty/Toilet: Now most RVs has a chemical toilet and holding tank. If you are out camping you will need to deal with Human Waste. This is important!! One of the biggest problems in a disaster is “Filth” and “Organic Waste” If not disposed of properly it will cause disease. Just Google any of those keywords or “sanitation” you will learn and find all kinds of info. You must dispose of all waste safely as it is deadly if not handled properly. Toilet paper you need it!! Having extra will not spoil under any conditions. Some “wet wipes” are great for a quick clean up and for babies, toddlers and anyone who is unable to use the toilet, because of sickness or infirmity. Assume some one will get sick and be ready for it. I like those Doggie training pads cause they are basically small “body fluid absorbent pads” used in a hospitals. They are great multi-taskers buy them when they are on sale. Replicate what you have in your medicine cabinet and add to the dry erase board  list any OTC, vitamins or prescription meds you use in a month.
  I think you should have 3 towels, washcloths and sponge assigned per person. One per week, and the ole 1 dirty, 1 in use and 1 being clean and ready to use rule.I recommend buying the best cotton towels you can afford and white, simply cause it can be bleached by the sun, or chemically bleached with no adverse effects on apperence. The sponge can be used if the TP runs out. I like a robe and flip-flops if you get to a place that has a shower. Flip flops in the shower will protect you from Athletes Foot and other infections that thrive in warm humid environments and a robe is a great item to have on hand for staying warm or waiting for clothes to dry.
Now your ind. hygiene package: Your toothbrush, toothpaste and a backup Brush  Am after you wake up and before going to bed.  A comb and brush for each individual. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors and deodorant. All those items that you use daily to get yourself ready for the world. You will need it, you won’t be able to bathe or shower as often as you may like so body odor may become a problem hence the deodorant. Wet wipes and a Spit(PTA) bath only goes so far, you may stay healthy but you may be able to smell the “Clean” on someone that was able to bathe everyday. Don’t worry about it you don’t usually notice the smell until you get back to “civilization” and then you can get really clean.
Mini-Van or pickup mode the rules are basically the same, though you will have to carry your toilet, shower and sink.
I recommend you have a shovel so you can bury waste on a short stop, or dig an outhouse and waste pit on a multi-day layover.Never foul your own nest, walk at least 30 paces for any buried waste pit.
Pets have to go to the bathroom as well, and if you have dogs and cats get those bags that you can pick up poo with plus kitty litter and a box and the doggie training pads. Don’t forget the pets brushes, combs and shampoo. They need to stay as clean and healthy as can be attained. 

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