The depression is happening NOW !!

Sorry folks I was hoping we had a bit more time to prepare. I don’t think the Feds can do any more. I think the crash is coming in the next 3-6 months. The feds are following the same game plan that got us into the Great Depression almost exactly.
I have skipped buying Silver this month and am stocking up on grains, meat and necessities I know I will need. I hope I’m wrong and I have been wrong before, but I think an Economic collapse is coming. If we can get through October in descent shape we will have until Jan. 2011 to build on our preps.
Don’t panic yet, just keep building but you may want to change your focus to need to have and not want to have.
Focus on basics, such as water, food, sanitation and 1st aid. I could be wrong but those are great skills to have no matter what happens. 
I think we are about 1930 as far as following the Depression for the country. It’s bad but it could be worse. I just fear for folks that are starting out that you have no reserves to fall back on.
It’s time to prioritize for the next 3 months.

  1. Water: Clean drinking and cooking water and rinse and safe “gray water” to put on gardens. If you haven’t stored at least a gallon of water a day for every family member for 2-3 weeks, or have a way to make water safe. Get on it now! Bleach and Iodine are good and the filters the have now a days are great.
  2. Food: I like staples and less processed food. It’s cheaper and easy to store. You may not have that option as you did not prepare for an “economic collapse”.  Have some snacks, chips, chocolates and spices to keep food boredom at bay.
  3. Sanitation: Lack of sanitation is a huge killer of folks world wide. If your sewer goes out or is destroyed have a chem toilet or a bucket and a way to get rid of waste. There are some great resources on the web for this issue. From burning waste to making compost and long term solutions.
  4. Security: I have said I think a gun is an essential survival tool. From hunting to dealing with predators of all sorts. It’s up to you if choose lethal or non-lethal ways of dealing with a situation. But you need to think about it and how you will deal with threats.
  5. Books, cards and dice: I would add sketch pads, journal and diaries. I think a good laptop should be added into any survival situation. Entertainment will be crucial. A deck of cards can provide hours of  entertainment if you have games you can play. A DVD movie on a laptop is great. Books, crossword and word search keep the mind active yet require no power. 

 Make it fun, a no power night. Break out flashlights, candles and lanterns. A camp out in the back yard and roast some hot dogs and make smores. Or do a test of a bugout and have a picnic. Troubleshoot what you forgot, get the kids involved Sorry if what I expect happens you won’t/can’t protect your child from the collapse. You will be able to keep them alive and teach them.

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