MSP (Modified Sationary Panic), Thank goodness that panic attack is over with

I scared the poo out of myself this month with all the wonderful economic news coming out lately. I think the economy will tank but since I can’t do anything about that, what do I really need and what will I do? Stress and fear never help any situation. So I got over my panic and ran a little thought experiment. If I could only buy 1 thing this week for less than $50.00 what would I get? Well I could think of all kinds of things I could buy but it always adds up to more than $50.00. LOL
So I spent the weekend doing an inventory of what I had on hand. I was better and worse than I thought on many staples. I was doing great on grains and flour. Not so great on beans and rice, Honey good, sugar I’m okay but a little more would be nice. Salt very good at over 90 lbs stored of all types, but no pectin or enough canning jars or lids. Plenty of oil, shortning and vinegar but need some quick, easy and simple meals for when you are tired and boiling water seems like a lot of work.
I’m doing good on spices but I haven’t stored any vanilla or started growing garlic.Low on dog food but great on cat food. Need some extra baking soda/ powder and vitamins. Tooth brushes and toothpaste femine napkins are good but I’m low on deoderant and shampoo. Good on lundry soap for 18 months, and dishsoap is okay but I just got my dishwasher working again so I’m low on dishwasher detergent. Doing ok for extra fuel and alternate ways of cooking and heating.
I’m not in bad shape it’s just my standards have changed. A 3 month supply of any one item is a critical shortage. If I am down to a 6 month supply it’s time to look for sales and coupons to get that item. I kind of loss track of that rule.. I didn’t know what I had on hand so I didn’t fill the most critical need first and bought what happens to be on sale.
So I can’t control what  FED or the Stock market or commodity traders do. I can only control what I do and how I spend. I can watch what the traders and the markets are doing and try to anticipate highs and lows at the local supermarket. Don’t be a follower take control of your purchases. Buy low and eat high, learn price points of what you are willing to spend for an item. Heck the Dollar Stores have some great buys on OTC meds and Spices.
Bake a few loaves of bread, It costs me about 30 cents to bake my own bread (probably high as I guestimated on power cost). I have yet to find a store that can beat that price. The cheapest sandwich bread I can find is about a dollar per loaf and that doesn’t count “Artisan Breads” that are about $3.00 in the store and  I can do for a cost .30-.40 cents per loaf at home and they are very easy to make. Also is a great way to introduce bodies to whole wheat. You don’t want to go whole wheat without letting your body get used to it. Do half and half of white to wheat flour for at least a couple of weeks. Even then you find out about fiber in the diet means,  that is best practiced before hand.
Don’t wait to buy grains. If you have a good food processor you can make flour or sausage. Do you need a hand grinder? I think so but if you have power you can grind grain or make sausage. You should have a generator or 2? If you do you can keep your fridges and frezers cool and use the energy for that little grinder if left on your own. But most nations that have gone through a melt-down try to provide energy for 8 out of every 24 hours. Good enough for keeping fridges and freezers cold. Don’t depend on it and have a backup system. It could be ice, Dry-ice or a generator. Or go solar, a bit pricey but no power company can cut you off. If your frezer is not full, freeze some water bottles 2/3 full of water and fill it up. Do only a few bottles at a time so you don’t overwork the compressor. Bad things happen you can top off the freezer with food and you have water to drink. Do you know what grocery stores have dry ice?
That is how I’m reacting to the news today. Out of panic mode and ready.

2 Responses to MSP (Modified Sationary Panic), Thank goodness that panic attack is over with

  1. Erik says:

    Lynn, what is your recipie for bread? Often I have looked at the ingredients on a bread wrapper and thought what the sam hill when I read all the different stuff. its got to be simpler than what they do.

  2. Put up a post for a few recipes Erik I hope they help.

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