It’s on! How will you protect yourself and family?

I knew we in the USA were rushing towards an “Economic collapse”. I just hoped it would take longer to happen. Sorry kids, I think in the next  3-6 months we need to top off our inventories. If you are new to prepping get hot and focused. Your cable and Satellite TV is no longer important. Keep you Internet connection but downsize if possible. The info you get off the Internet can save money on books down-lodes and data.
If you have done prepping as an extra can of soup or vegies now you need to get right. Commodities have sky rocket in price. You have a little lag time till it works down to your local store. All food prices are going up across the board. You may find some great buys now while stores clean out old inventory and bring in new and higher cost items.
There is good news with the bad “Hard goods” are deflating. Good for a consumer not good for manufactures.
Now kids I hope we have 3-6 months of stable prices. I maybe wrong and the feds and Wall street will make it all work out right.  We can all keep working our jobs and paying our bills. But if I’m right and food and energy cost explode! Think about $5.00 a gallon gas or heating oil. You did buy heating oil and not put it off?  

I’ll have a sale price shopping list up on Wed. 20 Oct.2010. If you have ever been a storm you know the quiet is scary. Where will you be when the Gust front hits. Down the cellar or driving around for handouts?

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