Sorry kids been a bit beat up.

I want to post at least 2 o3 times this week but I got a bit beat up and my CIDP kicked in on high-gear. So a bit bloody and battled but still here and unbroken. Weather seems to Kick my but,
Mom had a cancer skin-cell taken off. It looks good outside of her new haircut and the nurses tried very hard to to do a natural thing on the hair. Not sure if Mom was more freked about the cancer or her new doo. LOL

I got a another 50# of rice and some more Hi-protien flour for my little “pizza survival kit”.  A couple of grinders of sea salt , peppercorns and I’m  looking at a winter garrden. I’m not” Hip”, I don’t know how to play to the “Media”, I  can’t leave my garden for 2 weeks while I go to Spain.  I don’t know who is growing the White House garden, But I’d like some tips as long as it dose not involve open sewage. 

2 Responses to Sorry kids been a bit beat up.

  1. Kurt says:

    Beat up? What happened? Do we need to come kick somebodies backside for you? I think the White House garden does get open sewage, it sits fairly close to the Oval Office you know.

  2. Only if you want to take on Mother Nature and Father Time. LOL I just had a relapse of my CIDP and the weather is changing so all the other parts of my smashed up self is achey. But thank you for your concern.

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