I know it’s been a bit of Doom and gloom!

Trust me I’m there myself. It looks to get a lot worse before it gets better or at least stable. From what I am seeing the Fed is actively courting inflation perhaps hyper-inflation. http://www.zerohedge.com/
No you won’t see these stories on the main-stream media. Just like you won’t see the stories of banks and feds shredding your Mortgages note to repackage as a security. Or of the world food shortage that is causing prices to rise. If you have gone grocery shopping lately you have seen it. Honestly, has Jim Cramer of MSNBC been right about anything in the last 3 years?
Now hopefully you have done your MSP (Modified Stationary Panic) and are wondering what to do next…
Get basics now! Food, water, sanitation and security. If you have those items look at how you can get out of  the system. Grow your own food and meat or hunt.  Generate your own power, buy local and not from corporations. Make your own entertainment and turn off the boob tube. Ammo and gun prices are coming down a bit. Now is a great time to buy some of those items. Look at what rich folks and countries are doing.  They are buying commodities and PM’s (Precious Metals). Hard assets, they are not buying up I phones or I pads but metals, wheat, rice and corn, Coffee and cocoa. Why do you think they are buying those things now? Do your own research.

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