The BOV Kitchen

Cookware: such as a cast iron skillet and “Dutch oven” and pressure cooker should be considered the minimum for pans. A cookie sheet and a cake pan will be useful for breads and cakes. I recommend a percolator or a French press for making coffee and a heavy duty Thermos.
Why the above?:Cast iron, very dense and holds heat well. plus it withstands high heat /direct flame. It is good for all kinds of things and is easy to clean. Cast iron is not the best for steaming,boiling or any cooking method that involves lots of water.
This is the time for the pressure cooker to steps in and saves the day. You can leave the lid off and boil water. But you can cook Brown rice in 10-15 minutes instead of 40 minutes. Dry beans, cut the cooking time by 3/4th’s. Imagine the fuel and time savings . Freezer-burnt meat? don’t throw it out, put in a pressure cooker and make stews, chili and stocks.
I like the French Press coffee maker because they are cheap and easy to find. You boil the water and then let the coffee steep for 3-5 minutes which save energy and it never boils over like a percolator can, if you don’t watch it. The thermos can be used as a slow cooker, and if you want warm water in the morning for washing your face no need to heat up some water as you did it the night before.

Utensils: Get some long spring loaded tongs and a good, heavy duty can opener in addition to the normal utensils you use. Don’t scrimp on quality, your life may depend on these items.  

The BOV Pantry: You may have to store this in some totes or buckets in the house so they are protected form extreme temps but are easy to grab and go. 
Salt: iodized salt needed for good health.
Peppers and Herbs: I like those little grinders you get can buy with peppercorns or sea salt and other spices. Whole spices last longer and are best when freshly ground.
Condiments: Whatever you like, many recipes exist on the internet for making your own mayo, ketchup, salsa and mustard.
Vinegar: for flavoring, a preservative, vitamin C and a good window cleaner
Oils and or shortening::Olive oil and Crisco have the longest shelf life. But if you do any deep fat frying I recommend Peanut oil. It has a high smoke point and can be reheated several times with no effect on taste.
Food: Easy to prepare items. Water will probably be the heaviest thing to pack and carry. If you are limited on how much weight and bulk you can carry go for dry goods and a good water filter.
Powder, canned and/or UHT milk 
I get some great bread and biscuit mixes at the local restaurant supply store. I really like them because you just add water, rather than milk like most scratch recipes need.
Staples: The usual suspects of sugar, beans, rice, grains/flour. Canned or dried meats, fruits and vegetables. Baking soda, powder and yeast.
Snacks and goodies

Cleanup and sanitation
Dish soap, Bleach (Sanitizer) Extra Spray bottles. Dish cloths/towels , paper towels/newspaper. Sponges, steel wool and a bottle scrubber. I like having several of the flexible plastic cutting mats. Use one for meat, another for veggies. This will reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination and they are very easy to wash and sanitize.
Food service or latex gloves. 

Cooking: Fuel and how much you can carry and if it is available will probably dictate how you heat your water and cook your food. You might want to look into a Solar Oven as an option. Extra strike anywhere matches,a couple of Bic lighters and starting fluid if needed.

Refrigeration and or coolers:
Check local stores have Dry Ice available, very good info to have on hand. I have 2 stores within a mile that offer dry ice.

Now you will be replicating your items somewhat, that’s a good thing. But, if you don’t need to Bug Out and instead shelter in place you will have replacements for your items at home and you will be able to barter or share. Or even use it on a camping trip and you are ready to go on a moments notice.

6 Responses to The BOV Kitchen

  1. Kurt says:

    One thing you might want to include is beef bullion cubes. It makes an easy hot drink that most people will find at least acceptable, and you can easily throw in a handful of noodles, dried veggies or anything else that comes to hand for a quick lite snack. They are quite cheap and take up little room.And something for the cleaning supplies is unscented liquid sodium hypochlorite bleach. It can do double duty, cleaning and water purification. A few drops per gallon is what most people recommend when using it for water treatment. Study up on it some though as I think there are a few things that it won't kill in water. But if you can't purify water any other way, it certainly does not hurt any.

  2. Some good ideas there Kurt. I didn't add all I couuld have as must haves because everyone has different needs and wants. I was a going more for equipment and mindst needed for the RV/camp kitchen. That's why I love the comments section folks can add and make suggestions for items that work for them. I love bullion cubes!!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Thank you,Jaime!Great blog…… have a nice no nonsense way of presenting your thoughts.

  4. Gosh thank you Rhonda, I think I suck at writing stuff down. Maybe with practice and constructive criticism I'm getting a bit better. Mom told me I needed to blog and share my knowledge. I just wish I was a better writer. I had a class in composition but did not seem to break through. I may have been sick that week. LOLA little Gold star is always helpful. Much better than those post that ask, Huh?

  5. Kurt says:

    Some people work too hard at perfecting the English, but fail to say anything of use. Many of these we call politicians now days. Better to know something about what you are trying to convey, even if it means you ain't so happy with the way it comes out. I believe you fall into the later category. I'd rather have you at my back than some airbag who knows nothing except how to make it sound good. Say something useful, as you do, and people with some smarts will understand it. The rest, need to get some smarts. Still can't understand why you ain't married. Must be too picky lol.

  6. Yes Kurt I am very particular who I flash in front of and the TSA is not on my list. I'm getting better at prep if not writing. Of course I like to think I'm getting better at writing or at least expressing ideas.

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