How to store food

I started of with a few bins from Rubbermaid, Steralite and foodsafe gallon bags. I broke down big parcels to small parcels always using food safe (mostly ziplock type bags). Nothing is wrong with that idea. I had only 1 infenstation in 2 years and it was a storable container for the Kitchen via brown rice. All grains have a bit of critters in it,  unless you you have a walkin freezer to kill critters in bulk how will you deal with it? Food grade DE.
Food grade DE is a drying agent and a great insect killer. It’s safe for you and your pets to eat.  It’s not perfect and has no residual effects as an insecticide.  It’s great as an odor killer among bunnies, it stops fleas, it’s natural. Great to put in your storage bucket it kills insects yet you can sporout it does no kill the seed of your storage.
I did bins 1st just to get started. No not perfect but it seem to work with my storage area that was cool, dark and mostly dry. No big upturn of rodents or bugs. Got a cat and that cleared the garden of critters.
Now I’m getting food safe buckets for about $1.00USD with a gasket lid. Easy to store and clean ( a bit of bleach and dishsoap). I get them at the local grocery store’s bakery.
Get out side the box on your thinking, I did great on foodsafe bags in the 1-2 gallon range for over 18 months. Now I’m doing buckets on the cheap with a little prep.

It’s not all that expensive to prep smart. You just have to be smart and know what you can and will do to make it happen.  Start small a gallon/6lbs at a time and it easy. 


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