Got some great deals and few more items to buy

Preparedness/Survival isn’t a shopping list or storage. It’s a way of life, an attitude, something our Grandparents and ancestors took as a given. A garden was in everyone’s yard, that was normal plus an agricultural animal from chickens to pig, goat or a dairy cow. A basement, root/storm-cellar was normal. Yet I had to buy a an older (1940) house to get even a partial basement. I’m the only one in the family with a basement of any sort. We hunted for meat and mushrooms, huckleberries and peaches. We worked for our food and valued it.A cow or goat does not care about your human vacation, she needs milked 2 times a day everyday. Yes it is long hours and at dark but there is a lot of satisfaction as well. Saving a bunny beats the crap out of Dancing with the Stars.
Planting your first pot of herbs and seeing it grow is awesome. Sprouting seeds and knowing you can grow and have a nutrient dense food to feed your family that only needs a bit of water and time is priceless. Smoke a bacon or ham, not hard work just the fire needs tending. Bake a loaf of bread, you have to wait for it to rise and all the technology in the world can’t make yeast work faster. Sometimes it’s good to slow down, be still and know that God is with you.
Take a look at yourself. What do you want for your future and for your children. What is the point of your 401k? I assume you want a good retirement. To be able to eat, drink and survive and leave/help your family. Why not do that now? You know you will have to eat, you know you need water, shelter, heat, security. For about $300.00 USD I can show you food and water security for 1 person for a year. Is it easy know you will have to work a bit. But it’s not hard either, time consuming but not hard. What are you putting into your 401k that is controlled by Wall Street, banksters, the Fed and what has been your loss? You played by the rules. Why are you bailing those that don’t play by the rules? GM stocks were at $52.00, an IPO goes for $33.00 and  dropping to $31.00 and some change, this is considered a success by the feds.
Get out of your 401k, at least go metals or mining stock. Get out of JP Morgan, BofA and the other to big to fails. Go credit unions, and local banks. Get real assets you can hold in your hand or take delivery. I like Silver cause its still very cheap but I also am ready for food/commodity inflation and buying as much as I can.
Get food, water and security first for at least a year. then go for PM’s. Your $4000.00 dollar deduction will cover that easily. Until PM’s are sold there is no Capital gains.


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