The BOV bedroom

No this isn’t about get your “freak” on it’s about getting a good nights rest. What you do before that is between you, your partner and the fence post. But a good nights rest is critical. A few must first…

  1. You must be dry
  2. You must be warm
  3. you must be clean

If you have been in the Military you found that getting sleep or rest was always a priority for soldiers. Yes I sat in class with my eyes wide open during and took notes(not legibly) I stayed up for 5 days straight with 4 hours of sleep about midpoint. Trust me you will get nasty and short-tempered, your mind will play tricks on you. But in a wierd way you will have clarity of thought. Trust me you can last longer than you think you can.  It just may get a bit weird perception wise. You won’t go off and attack peaceful folks though you may see trees marching by. So let’s not go there and hit some minimums. You need 4-8 hours a day of good sleep everyday. Yes you can catch up on sleep if you feel safe and secure. Don’t over look the power of a nap, even if it’s just 10-20 minutes.
Let’s look at the bunk.I really believe in air mattresses I like the insulation that air provides and they are generally comfy and cheap.Closed -cell mats tend to sweat. Extra blankets and throws are needed, Just like clothing you need layers. The whole point is of layers is to trap air and warm it. That’s why those big, poofy down comforters and quilts are so warm. Also since the military has gone to the it’s new Gore-tex sleepsystem you can find some great prices on the old down filled sleeping bags.
The old rule of 3’s appllies here on sheets and pillow cases. 1. clean, 1 dirty and 1 in use as a min. Have a good insecticide, some food grade DE (bedbugs, critters) and bleach on hand for washing/sanitising your sheets and pillow cases. The sun is also good for “Bleaching” sheets as they dry.
If some one is sick you will need some fluid absorbing pads like they have in the hospital. Now you could spend a lot of money at the local drug store or just get some doggie training pads cheap. They are the same thing!
Assume someone will get sick. A wash basin, bedpan, even adult diapers may be good to have on hand. If you have a handicapped person or some one who is a little weak you may want a toilet seat-riser. I’ve been there and done that. Getting stuck on the potty is not fun, and porta-potties for camping/RV’s  tend to to be very low sitting.
Get good pillows and have extra on hand. No price is to high, if you find a pillow you really like, buy 3 and switch them out. Buy some cheapo pillows for $2-$6 dollars and you can use them for a sick person or for propping some one up in bed. Same for sheets and pillow cases. I like cotton, linen and flannel for my sheets. Get them now before the price goes up!

2 Responses to The BOV bedroom

  1. Rhonda says:

    Good post,Jaime…….lol….I would not have thought about using doggy pads.You got it girlfriend…just keep posting for the rest of us……Thx…….Rhonda Sue….

  2. I'm getting pretty good at excelling at cheap. I think I have a gift of thinking out of the box, plus I do when others wait for someone else to do for them. I saw this in the Army a lot. I'd get a little backpacker stove or a self-inflating mattress. Others would see it and think what a great idea it was and then expect the Army to issue it to them. Instead of buying it themselves.

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