Thinking ahead and what if?

Prepping/survival is a mindset an attitude and it is never over. There is always more to do and learn. Sometimes learning is what our grandparents did as a matter everyday living is daunting. Anyone who has canned knows this feeling. Having 3 cases of canning jars preped for bushels of fruit and veggies and know they all have to be cleaned, processed and then canned. Plus your not sure if you have enough lids, bands or jars. That’s not counting all the work on the garden, critters or shopping. Getting somewhat prepared ain’t for sissies, It’s work!
I think It’s worth the effort. No I’m not like Glenn Beck, I don’t go down in the basement or pantry and cry over what I have accomplished (though I understand that) I look at what’s next. I know I’ll been feeding “family” that looks at me like a loon. So my 1 year of food for me is looking mighty sparse if it has to stretch and feed 10.
Yes I have tried to warn them, But I’m just a loon, I’m the fearful one since I’m prepared and know where my next meal is coming from, do they? I know it doesn’t make sense. But I won’t let kids starve in my family because thier parents are idiots. So since I’m bieng so dumb I might as well plan for it. Thank God for my Mom because she is being dumb with me. LOL
I have great neighbors that are really working hard to be prepared. So I guess it all balances out.
Now remember you are prepping for the most likely 1st and then prioritise. There is a lot of overlap on food, water,safety, sanitation and security. Power outage, earthquake, snow/ice storm, Economic collapse, chemical spill, terrorists threat, National threat. What of the previous scenarios do not require the basics of food, water, sanitation, safety, and security? They may require more but the basics are the same. Get basics first then plan.


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  1. Kurt says:

    It seems to be human nature to not want to see bad things coming, or even the possibility of them occurring. Bible says that during this point in time, there would be a spirit of delusion. I think we are already seeing it in this manner. Your family is fortunate to have you and before it is all finished, might just realize that enough to think that you are the smart one of the bunch.

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