What did you do to prepare this week?

I got 50 # (pounds) of black beans. Cost $20.47 , 2 Bakery/food-safe buckets $2.00 and food safe DE 1/4 of a cup by volume. Not sure the break down cost of DE except cheap.
Waxed 10 # of cheddar cheese I got at less than $2.00 per pound. Wax needs to be restocked but I did over 25# of cheese for less than 1 # of wax that cost $6.50 at RebelBrewers.com. 1# of cheese wax at $7.00 or under is pretty standard that I have seen shopping so far on the internet. I recommend drying the cheese in the fridge before waxing to develop a rind. Mozzarella took over a week to develop a rind. Med. Cheddar about 2 days. Also save your wax as you go it’s recyclable.
50# of beans around 600 4 oz. servings. 50# of rice 500 servings. No it’s not perfect and you must add to your food storage. But it’s nice to know if you had to you could eat into Sept. or Oct. 2011 for $40.00 (for 1 person). How much is that peace of mind worth? We add a few oils, spices, flour,sugar, some dehydration and canning. Some knowledge and techniques of sprouting, growing a winter garden. Learning to smoke, salt and pickle. Prepping ain’t about suffering, it’s about buying low and eating high. It’s about making the best of a bad situation and planning ahead.
Some folks love dehydrated food, I know a gal that stores frozen veggies and fruits and dehydrates them all. I know canning goddesses and coupon queens. It’s all about making it work for you. I don’t coupon, I stalk the Internet for sales. I learned about meat when I get 80/20 hamburger for less than $1.60 per pound. Heck I got that for 73/27 that I dried and then Kellene said wash the meat before vacuum packing. She was right as she has been so often. I ‘d be really mad at her if she wasn’t teaching me so much, and is a generally nice person.
Go to Kellene’s website it’s to in my blog roll to the right. She has tons to teach, has a webinar and a ton of info.
heck, who taught me about waxing cheese, bottling butter and canning meat? Kellene is your girl.

3 Responses to What did you do to prepare this week?

  1. Rhonda says:

    I ordered some cheese wax but I haven't tried it yet.Gonna wait till the holidays are over and I have some time.How long do I need to let it sit in the fridge beforehand?Thanks,Jaime….Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Geesh,I just skipped the what did i do part of my reply…it's late.Thats my excuse.I bought an extra ham so I could can it later after thanksgiving is over….also picked up some canned goods mostly fruit.Thats it for this week.

  3. The Mozarella took about a week the Mild cheddar 2 days. Don't worry about it LOLI found dipping the cheese easier but some like to use a brush. Use only a natural hair brush! No to silicon and nylon brushes

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