What’s stopping you?

I hear a lot of folks say I can’t do what you do. Most often it’s followed by variations on the theme that since I’m disabled and can’t work I have a lot of time on my hands. Of course the reason I can’t work is I don’t have a lot of strength, stamina and in some pain. I’m not getting days off from those things. I don’t want or need sympathy, I just don’t understand the logic. Or it’s “I don’t have the money to prepare.” Well just about everyone who makes less than me get’s Government assistance of some sort. Or you make more than me! and you should be able to do a little to be safe and prepare for the future.
I think what stops many folks is they don’t want to admit “hard times” can happen. A fear that if you admit it, it will cause it to happen. Or denial, always a fun bit of self-delusion. Then that problem usually morphs into a catastrophe and you are caught unprepared. Katrina is a good example of folks not taking responsibility for their own lives but expecting someone else to save them. They had a week of warnings of a Cat  4 or 5, the dikes in N.O. were only built to withstand a Cat 3 hurricane. You are living 10 feet below sea-level.
We have an “Economic Storm” headed our way. You need to get yourself and your family ready for it.

  1. Food, Energy and clothing will go up in price next year. Forecasts are at least 10%-30% for all of these items.
  2. Your taxes will go up next year. The health care law will tax your health insurance/benefits as income.
  3. Look for ways to sustain your self now. A freezer, canner, jars, lids and knowledge. Even if you can’t grow a garden you can buy food and freeze or can it so you have it on hand later when prices really go up.
  4. You are going to pay more for the basics and have less money in your paycheck to do it with. 

My motivation was desperation. I wanted to eat well on a limited budget.
I wasn’t a person for all that canning and preserving stuff. Though I always liked cooking, baking and doing my own BBQ. When you look at the costs of buying it in the store as opposed to making it yourself there is no comparison. Every time I bake a loaf of bread, or preserve some food for a later date is my own little “Declaration of Independence”. 

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