Thermos as a survival tool. It’s not just for coffee anymore.

I love the good ole’ thermos as a survival tool. A really good thermos can be had for $20.00 to $30.00 new and it is a fabulous multi-tasker.
Warm water for washing your face and or hair in the morning. Just boil some water the night before put in a thermos and you have warm water for your morning clean up and no need to heat water for it. It’s ready when you wake up.
A slow cooker, boil some water and you can do grains for breakfast or rice and beans in the evening. I suggest having 2 at a minimum. 3 if you are cooking dinner as well as breakfast. Or 1 per family member.
What’s great is the thermos requires no power. It can save hot or cold items just depends on how you prime it for what you want to accomplish. Great for holding chicken soup or teas for someone who is sick or transporting gravy to a local potluck.
Go for a steel type. Glass ones do tend to be fragile and not great in a survival situation. Though the glass ones would be great keeping your sauces/gravies warm without thickening. Always prime your thermos 10 minutes prior to use. If going for cold,  water and Ice cubes never ice cubes alone. Boiling water for hot items or slow cooking.

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