The local Fred Myers is having a sale of hamburger $1.59 per pound in a 3 lb value pack. Great price, get some if you need some meat. A great price on Soups as well at FM Tomato soup 3 for a $1.00. 20 cans equals 17.5 lbs. towards vegies storage. Since you are storing Tomato soup you need the fixings for grilled cheese sandwiches and geuss what FM has a sale on cheddar cheese at $2.00 per pound. Awesome you have several basics on sale for some great easy meals and the start on tacos. If you make bread, you can make tortillas. Gosh they also have big 28 oz. cans of different tomoatoes from puree to diced for a $1.00 each. All kinds of meals and snacks can be made, chili, tacos, burritos enchilladas, meatloaf, SOS, grilled cheese and tomato soup. Think about a bit I’m sure you could come up with some ideas with a basics you have on hand.
Now it is recommended that you have 150# per person per year for vegies and fruit. I shop for 1 person and then give myself a buffer. If I get 20 can of tomato soup and 10 big cans on canned tomatoes for around $17.00 I’ll have 35 pounds of veggies that will be good for 2 years at least.Could I make tomato soup of course. Can I make and can it for $0.33  for about a pint I think not.


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  1. I've been bumping in to you on several blogs and finally got around to checking yours out! I like!Good info. From your profile it sounds like lifes throwed ya some curve balls but your still swinging.Sorry for the crappy way vets get treated by our Govt,guess they can't afford to pay you folks because of all the illegals and their banker buddies needing bailed out.You are an inspiration,keep it up!ChinaIII

  2. I'm glad you stopped by and like the site. We all have challenges to deal with and in way I'm thankful because it was just the kick in the butt to get me out of the rat race. Nothing like hitting rockbottom to make you examine your life

  3. Kurt says:

    But the US government tries extremely hard to keep peeps from hitting rock bottom, because it hurts too much, and its for your own good, etc. How many great businesses will never get started because the founder will never be allowed to go splat on the bottom, thereby being forced to look their life over?

  4. Our little mall that has been bypassed by several big name stores has young folks opening up businesses. I know we tend to trash and say bad words about the younger generations. But several are trying and they need support. Buy a meal a book, give them feed back to make it better. Tell them what you will pay for and then pay for it. I love local stores always have. I'm in the minority. I know I am, Money talks, BS walks. Pay them money for the product if you want more.I'm happy to pay a good price for good quality, plus arts and craftmanship. I'll work hard for a bargain if good to go from whatever perspective I win cause I got a bargain they win cause they got my money. I'll go drop a few bucks on artisan work I can use as well as display not cause I want to cause envy but to support local artisans that have great product and I want them back.

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