All food in the USA under the DHS and the DOD!

The Senate version of the bill must now be reconciled with the House version that was passed last year. This reconciliation committee must hammer out the differences between the two bills

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I can’t say for sure what provisions or ammendments will be in the final bill. What I have seen so far does not give a warm and fuzzy feeling.This is a good time to get your seeds anyway. Food costs were going up and extra regulations always adds to the cost. 

Think spring!! Start working out a garden of pots and planter beds. I know my chives and few other plants have found a happy place and keep on growing. My fruit and nut trees don’t pay attention to government mandates or laws. My grape vines grow no matter what I do.

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  1. Mayberry says:

    I've got plenty of seed, plus some that I saved from this year's harvest. Lookin' to add some bunnies and hens into the mix. As always, interlopers will be introduced to either Mr. Mossberg, or Mr. Mosin-Nagant…

  2. Mine introductions are via Hi-point. LOLI have bunnies and they have done well, Mom got the chickens If you have questions ask. I won't say we have all the answers but we have moved beyond theory into practice. Mom used a dog kennel for her coop and then a little chicken house. Dad, put up the kennel against the shed and put up a wall in the shed. I found out a while ago the only actions I can control are my own. I had high hopes for "my fellow amerians" Now they will get the government they deserve. Anyway enough about the sheep. How's the boat and house coming along? I'd say come to Idaho to you but you are tropical and it's a bit extreme weatherwise here in Idaho. But once you get sorted out you are welcome to visit it's a great state with good people. Lot's of great water, and country.

  3. Marie says:

    I would love to hear about how you keep your bunnies and chickens warm in the Idaho winters–does it require electricity out to the coop or hutches? Also, I'm hoping that they will have to vote again on the reconciliation bill that they hammer out, and that it doesn't pass…glad that the Idaho Senators didn't vote for it.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Good idea,Jamie,about getting our seeds now.I worry that soon….for whatever reason…we may have a really hard time getting what we need.I took a walk this mornin'…saw some people out and about that I knew.They said they thought the food bill was a good thing and could not understand why I was so upset and concerned.I really have a difficult time keepin' my cool…LOL…Oh,well….Sheep.

  5. Marie, the bunnies do great in cold weather as long as they stay dry and out of the wind. This is my 2nd winter with them and I haven't had to add a heat source at all. The toughest part is their water freezing. I have 2 bottles for each bunny and some heavy pet food dishes if the water bottles freeze. I check the water more often and keep a little more food in the dishes. So far so good they are healthy and I have never had any get sick. Usually heat is a bigger threat to the bunnies.I used water soaked burlap bags and a fan as a "Swamp cooler" for them when it got over 105 degrees this last summer. Mom has the Chickens, this is their 2nd winter as well. Mom kept a red spot light for them last year. But the chickens don't seem to like or need it this year. They have a very cozy little shed, nesting boxes and lots of straw to snuggle into and seem quite happy and healthy. Though Mom's egg production went down some.

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