Good day today !!

I got a lot accomplished today.
Found a great website on how to cut down beef primals and cook them. There are a many that tell you stuff but this one really worked for me from the Cattlemans Beef Board. I’m really looking forward to trying to cut my own meat correctly. All downloaded to the PC. My ink cartridge will be here on Tuesday so I’ll be able to get some more print outs and hard copy of the knowledge I need even if power goes down.
I got Dad’s PC upgraded. New Motherboard, memory and CPU for $190.00. It get’s him up to date and ready for Windows 7 when he want’s to upgrade. I managed to save all his files, folders and didn’t have to format the Hard drive, which was awesome!! I think it’s the 1st time I got to just upgrade and not rebuild or build from scratch after a blow up. My Dad has done so much for me it feels great when I can do something for him and it works out even better than I hope.
New sales flyers coming out I should have a post on the blog Monday. Fred Meyers has a couple of good deals I want you all to know about.


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