I hope you stocked up on popcorn and your favorite beverage cause "Markets" have gone volatile

Sorry kids I think it’s “now” and no longer a “what if” on the economic collapse. Get your food and water and other basics in order, cause the stuff is hitting the fan and that sucker is on high. I think we have about 3-6 months of fairly low prices and then all hell will break loose. I hope I’m wrong, and all you do is stock up for minor disasters and are ready for them. Plus have a kick-ass camping/tailgaiting kit to show for your efforts. If you are in a big urban area please look at freinds or family you might hook up with and share knowledge or resources. Don’t give up if you are in an Urban area, Ferfal in Argentina has survived the “economic collapse” and is doing okay he just wished he was better prepared before it happened!
I believe he still has his book on sale for $14.99 USD at Amazon compared to the normal $24.99 USD. Check his blog http://ferfal.blogspot.com/ and sign up at Grab the apple forums to see what folks are doing to prepare.
You are not alone!!


7 Responses to I hope you stocked up on popcorn and your favorite beverage cause "Markets" have gone volatile

  1. Mayberry says:

    "Volatile" ain't no joke. Gas prices have swung 20 cents in the last week. Which means commodities are being bought by the moneybags versus worthless bonds and stocks. Heh, Ford, which "never took a bailout", has been outed by Wikileaks as having taken hundreds of millions. Along with Toyota. Wheeeee, we're bailing out the Japs too! I wonder what new lies Wikileaks will reveal. The foundation of our Ponzi scheme economy and our crooked government had been exposed. Now the "fun" part comes, if ever so slowly (because the majority of monkeys in this country are rather dense)….

  2. It will make for fun next couple of weeks to watch. As you know I gave up on the political process in Nov. R/D two sides of the same coin. They spend and we pay or we hock our children for few more weeks of unemploment insurance.

  3. Rhonda says:

    You are both sooo right….I am buying every staple I can get my hands on!

  4. Kurt says:

    I just checked and silver dropped more than $2 in a matter of about 8 hours. It's been up and down, up and down, and it's looking like the swings are getting bigger lol.Yep, looks like volatile is just the right word heh 😀

  5. SciFiChick says:

    You might have seen it already, but just in case ya didn't… Rice is getting ready to go thru the roof. If you haven't topped it off already, now would be a good time to do so. ~~Hey I'm Just Sayin'~~

  6. Gods-Hammer says:

    Popcorn is about $25.00 for a 50# bag locally and it goes through "normal" wheat grinders easier than feed corn.

  7. Chick you are so right I just bought 50 pounds of rice at $18.76 and less than 3 months ago it was under $12.00 for 50 #. bean prices have gone up as well. I think this price will be considered cheap in about 6 months and we have all seen sugar skyrocket in price from 2 years ago. At best the price will stay the same next year but I don't expect that to happen. I expect what has happened in sugar prices will hit other staples. But there are still some good buys to be had. It'll just be a bit more work on hitting those loss leaders in the store. A 50 # bag of rice or beans still offers 500+ servings of food. So it is still a good buy. I'm still getting cheese at 1 # for $2.00 at the outlet, Butter has gone insane on price. but with a little hunting and a coupon you can get it at $2.00 or less per pound. I don't think we have a lot longer for cheap food prices. We have to get real tight with budgets and prioritize. Best to do it now and have a bit of slack/bleed over. Get your snacks now. Trust me you need those snacks. I spent 2 months not buying food because of a vet bill and I rally missed snacks. After I got on track I bought 12.5 # of popcorn and got some cracker recipes. I like salty and not sweet for snacks. If you like chocolate get all you can now!! It will go higher in price. I don't think there is a silver lining in the future. I think a lot of bad stuff will happen. But get to know your neighbors, take over a loaf of bread, or some preserves and don't talk any of the world but sharing. Simple things a rake, hammer, helping out with the curtain climbers,rug rats. Get to know them as people. It does not take a village to raise children. It does take a village to survive. Build your village.

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