Self Reliance Revolution on $300.00 a year!
Okay kids it’s time to get smart and be proactive. Kellene at preparednesspro is hosting free seminars on prepping. Please check out her website, Please check out Surving in Argentina
I consider these folks my gurus, if you have found anything I have posted of value. Please stop by the websites,
and the Grab the Apple forums. Kellene will be opening a forum as well in the near future. Most of what I know has been inspired by these people, and my own little tweaks.
We have been cursed to live in interesting times. Now all we have to do is survive them.


4 Responses to Self Reliance Revolution on $300.00 a year!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Thx for the info!

  2. Not familiar with preparednesspro will check it out.Now feral I've been reading for a long time.Only thing about Ferfal is he's so in love with the U.S. he seems to think certain things won't happen here.I disagree on that point but solid prepping/financial collapse info for sure!I also like Creekmore and Dakin for do it on the cheap info. Thanks!ChinaIII

  3. Oh she's (Kellene) good, hard core. CCW instructor as well. China,

  4. Well I don't blame ferfal. Comparing the USA to Argentina is no contest. Not cause the usa is so great it's just that Argentina is that bad.

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