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Times are tough and getting tougher. I assume if you find my site that you are very concerned about what is happening and need some direction. I know that was me about 2 years ago. But I want you to enjoy this holiday season and to count your blessings, then write them down. Be a realist but also an optomist. Stay positive get the term “I can’t” out of your vocabulary. Unless it is the realist kicking that says I will “Never slam dunk a basketball at regulation hoop” I’m short, fat, white and have the leaping ability of a safe. Stop buying lottery tickets have you really looked at the odds. You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning. That $5.00- whatever dollars will be better spent on something of real value today. The latte crowd did you know you can roast and grind your own blends. Green coffee beans are easily availible over the internet and can easily roasted in an oven.

Let’s say you buy a coffee at a coffee shack, that’s $3.00-4.00 every cup. Let’s say you do it only on workdays that’s $15.00-$20.00 per week, $60.00-$100.00 per month. Do you see how it adds up?
I’m not telling you to give up your lattes, just for the $720.00-$1200.00 for year.  I bet you could get an awesome coffee set up that will last many years. Make your own and you won’t be dependent and you will save money!!


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  1. Rhonda says:

    Yep….attitude adjustment for everyone..on the way.Things are getting worse everyday.It may not be too long before its not safe to get out alone and go to the store and anywhere else for that matter.One of the towns nearby has a large wally-world,open 24 hrs a day……in the last few yrs there have been several attacks on lone woman and robberies…they now have security gaurds driving around the parking lot all the time.Sooo,be careful out there everyone…its liable to creep up on us…be really bad before we know it.Great buy on the coffee,Jaime!

  2. Thanks Rhonda, picked up another 3 cans. I hope to get up to 12 that covers my needs for a year. The greatest thing about being prepared is the flexibility it gives you when shopping and being able to take advantage of those happy surprises and since you don't "need" you can still stay on budget.

  3. Rhonda says:

    We drink instant coffee.Do you know what the shelf life on such a product would be?On the jar its two years out.Yes,it is nice to be in a position to take advantage of good sales.I recently bought two hams on sale.One of them is already canned up and on the shelves looking purty,thirteen pints!We are on such a tight budget that this really helped alot.Do you can or dehydrate or both?

  4. Yes you can can ham. You can, Can bacon. You should cut it in slices or cube the ham and then about same time as any other meat. I would assume you can dehydrate ham since I've read folks dehydrating sausage. Make sure you get a ham with "No moisture added" For ham though I'd recommend get a country smoked ham no water added. I had a freind that tested one of those hams that had been done for over 5 years before and it was great. You just have to soak the the ham a day or two before cooking to rehydrate and remove some of the salt.You might check out Deejays's smoke pit and look at preserving your own hams and bacon.I don't drink instant coffee, but I know I had freeze-dried coffee in MRE's in the Army from 1 year old to 7 years old and I couldn't tell the difference.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Thx……..Have a great day!

  6. Update @ Rhonda you might look for a "Smithfield Ham" It's salted and smoked the old-fashioned way. Good for years if kept in a cool dry place. I don't knock you getting canned meats to start. Heck, that's how I started, the canned hams and chicken are great, plus all kinds of seafood and I have been picking up summer sausage on sale to add to my stash. I try to pay less than $3.00 per pound. But if it tastes yummy I don't mind paying a bit more until I learn to preserve my meats the old fashioned way. The average adult needs about 25 Pounds of meat a year to stay healthy or 2 oz. per week. I know I was shocked at that little amount. Of course it depends on diet what grains and veggies you use but you can see how quickly you can get the min. meat/protein storage done. I see those canned meats as a great start on your basics. It will give you peace of mind and some time to practice canning, smoking, pickling and salting meats.Plus a tuna melt on homemade bread is wonderful.

  7. Rhonda says:

    Thank you..u good at this stuff…lol.

  8. Kurt says:

    I'm not in a position to do any canning at all ATM. So I'm forced to rely on store bought canned. I have been catching canned hams on sale at Bi-Mart when they advertise them for $1.99 each. That's less than $2 for a pound of ham. I can't hardly find fresh ham for that price. And they tend to last for years on the shelf. They usually have a limit of 8 per customer, but the people at this local one allow me to go back through the line a few times. When they go on sale I tend to buy as many as I can. I expect the price to go up, but hopefully we can catch a few more before things get ugly. Same thing goes for other canned meats, like tuna and chicken. Just a thought for those who can't can, or are not comfortable enough yet with their abilities to stock nothing but their own canned stuff.

  9. Your energy and time has value. Now I have a lot of time so I can look at a slow smoke or pickling and canning. I'm bottling butter, waxing cheese and canning fruits vegies and meats. Heck you can buy can meats, meats, veggies and fruits in the store. If you can build a pantry of 25 # per person I am impressed. It's not easy, You may can or fish or wild game or buy on sale at a local store. or have critters in your backyard. The thing is have your basics on hand. If you have a years worth you can play and you aren't dependent on the PTBs. If you get a great buy on something toss it in the freezer. I do think a freezer is a good thing to have on hand. Bottle butter needs nothing more than a few pint jars, butter and 2 pots and an oven and lids.Trust me do a little research, get a little old fashioned, a little smoke pit is doable, a little homemade cabbage is doable. You may not be able to make homemade cheese. But you can sure wax it when on sale.Hell I'm still learning, I don't have all the answers. I don't make cheese I just wax it when I get a good buy. I don't make butter I just bottle it when I get a great buy.

  10. You may get some great buys on stuff, Meats and veggies. I think you should can but you may have a killer solar power system. Or some root cellars I can't match. Gosh as hard as I fight it you may more than me and way ahead of the game. I do not know it all, far from it. I just know what has worked for me so far on my adventure. I practice all the time. Not all experiments are sucsesful but I learn.

  11. Rhonda says:

    I waxed some colby cheese for the first time not too long ago.Turned out fine.I have a book on making cheese somewhere here…lol…my house is a mess right now,couldnt find it if I looked.We had a houseful over the Thanksgiving holidays.(17 people)After Christmas,I will find it and let you all know the title and author.From what I remember it had pics and step by step instructions for several types of cheese.It is something I would like to learn.It is important to learn,Jaime.You really hit the nail on the head with that one.I dont know how old you are but me?I am an old lady….Seems like I spent my life learning a bunch of useless info and craft junk…lol…Now that I have left the sheeple outlook behind I get to feeling like I will never catch up to the rest of ya'll!But I have a large family to prep for and teach soooguess you could say I am on an adventure too.Kurt…I have some store bought meat in my storage room also.I like tuna…we enjoy tuna salad sandwiches often.

  12. Glad to hear the cheese waxing is working for you. I think right now that if you can buy cheese for around $2.00 a pound it's more cost effective to buy and wax rather than make it. It takes about 4 gallons of milk to make a pound of cheese I believe is the ratio. So you can see getting cheese cheap then wax, is a real money saver. I think cheese making is a great skill to have and be able to do especially if you find good milk. I'm not sure how I got all my stuff on my budget. It's as if one morning I relized I did it and I didn't have to sweat bullets over what to buy cause I had my basics. You will get there Rhonda if you keep working at it. One day you will look at your pantry and realize you are over the hump. My 1st one was at 6 months worth of all household supplies. You look at sales and it takes a great buy to get you to go to the store. You don't HAVE to go to the store. It is a great feeling.Rhonda I'm 44 years old but my Mom always said I had an old soul so maybe that's why I like learn how to do stuff and be self-reliant. Don't knock learning that craft stuff. Working with your hands making something new out of something old is a great skill and good for the mind and out of the box thinking.

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