Planning for the future

Yes there is a future! I know many folks in the doom and gloom are nihilistic almost suicidal about the future but we humans tend to survive at least some of us do. If you read Cicero during the rise of Ceasar, or many German writers during Weimar, or Ukranians during the great famine and “Kolodor” or Mao’s great leap forward, and all the average folks during times of strife. Somehow we survive.
Remember you aren’t Rambo! Think local, it can start so easily. Who do you know in your neighborhood that put in gardens? Do you share, seeds, knowledge and harvests? How about canning, cooking and preserving? Trading chores, being part of a neighborhood watch? It can start simply with a knock on a door. A christmas card, a smile and a wave.
Be positive and proactive.


4 Responses to Planning for the future

  1. Gods-Hammer says:

    I have been getting to know my neighbors better for the last couple of years with the coming hard times in mind.I have done things like inviting them over for kettle soups, and square dances.It will be better this way rather than introducing myself "Hey I'm your neighbor, I think we need to block the road into our valley…. wanna help?" πŸ˜‰

  2. I surprised you weren't planning a moat. LOLI see on some blogs there is a go it alone attitude. I always knew I would have to help because I'm disabled. So I had a different starting attitude. I think most folks that are prepping and survival are an independent bunch and we don't follow the herd. But I'm seeing more folks thinking of a survival group and not "Rambo". LOL I also like that more and more folks are getting together at least over the internet if not in person to help and support each other. It can get pretty lonely if you think you are the only one getting ready for a disaster of any sort.What's a kettle soup does everyone bring a dish like in a potluck or is it a bring an ingredient thing?Either way it sounds like fun. Kinda like the recipe for "Stone Soup"

  3. Gods-Hammer says:

    Sorry, kettle soup is probably a local kind of term. A kettle soup is a gathering where you make about 20 gallons of soup depending on the size kettle you have(often chicken corn soup) in one of those old butchering kettles set up over a wood fire and all your friends and relatives come on over, and they usually bring something like breads or beans or deserts ect. A great day of fun n food n fellowship.

  4. That sounds like a hoot Hammer. That gives me an idea for this summer. A kind of block party/ BBQ, get together for the neighbors. I just got a cookbook that covers American food recipes dating back to the 1600's but doable in a modern kitchen or in pits and grills.

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