Planning for the future II

Well as we are coming up on a New Year it’s time to take stock of what we have done and plan what we want to accomplish for the next year.
Do your inventory, yes I know it’s a pain, I did mine last month after about 2 months of procrastination. Well I had several nice surprises and a couple of shockers. What is scary is it’s just me so I should know what’s being used and I lost track. I can just imagine how bad it would be with family members. Look at your strengths and weaknesses and then put them on paper. Then develop a plan and find a place to focus. It maybe you have lots of guns and ammo, but no food or water. Financially you may be weak with to much debt, or you may not have heirloom seeds or no garden/place for a garden. Perhaps it’s transportation, Gas goes to $5.00 a gallon how do you get to work/grocery shopping? Maybe it’s knowledge or the lack thereof.
Remember the priorities, Shelter, Water, Food, Security, Sanitation then financial. The biggest thing is attitude will help you cover and complete the first 5. I truly believe that God has helped me prepare. I have had way to many minor miracles of just the right thing coming up after I wrote down my next need/want and prayed on it might be just luck. I don’t think so, But you will have to stay positive and pro-active in your life. The only actions you can control are your own. Take care of yourself 1st then help others. You have value, stay strong and healthy. You can’t help anyone if you are sick, hungry or thirsty and can’t help yourself.


2 Responses to Planning for the future II

  1. Good info, I was thinking this morning many of the long time preppers are pretty squared away up to and including emergency funds. But if those funds are based on todays money value and todays inflation vs say 2012 inflation are their predictions really accurate?ChinaIII

  2. I think silver and gold can be some insurance against inflation. They keep telling me I can't eat gold or silver but I can't eat stocks or bonds either, though I maybe able to use it as toliet paper. It ssems a bit pricey compred to regular TP.

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