Bad day for Freedom in the USA

So few people know that Hitler was popularly elected, and all hailed Mussolini and Caesar Augustus.  Well the trains ran on time. Ask the Jews and the additional 7 million of inconvenient people about the trains being on time? Ask your mother or grandmother when Avastin a life saving drug is worth when they are diagnose with cancer.You can’t buy it at any price.
FCC controls the Internet, only for our own good, Only to protect the children from Happy meals and desert. Start treaty we are caring to the Russians on missile defense. Cause a war isn’t really fair unless folks on both sides die. We are to dumb/ignorant from the Dept. of Ed. to understand. Well I have to agree with that statement the dept. of Ed. has not educated anyone since LBJ concocted it. Just like the Dept. of Energy has not reduced our dependence on Foreign oil which was 50% in the 70’s and is 70% now.
Well sparky the congress critters were paid off and S 510 is going back to the house where it will be passed I hope you are good with your sons and daughters living and showering with openly gay folks cause it will happen.Might as well open combat arms for women. Hell us chicks have got shot at for years cause there is no FEBA. I want women in combat cause I think they could do a good job. But guys in combat carry the load and I don’t think waiting when we aren’t involved in 2 wars to make the transition would be a good thing.
Both teenage males and females are not the most stable critters to base foreign policy on, or an invasion force.


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