Planning for the future part III

In part 1 we looked at local support and building neighborhoods/villages. Part 2 was about assessing your own strengths and weakness. Now part 3 is about having a plan and executing it.  You should have some ideas of what you need to do next, even if that list seems long don’t give up, prioritize. Using the basic 5 needs as a model. Don’t be afraid to start small, a paint bucket and lid, construction grade trash bags and some wood chips make a good 3-14 day toilet to start and can be had for under $15.00. Sure it’s nice to have a water cistern or well but if you are in the city some rain barrels, Tarps and buckets, a water filter/bleach and a bunch of 2 liter soda bottles can work just fine. Get outside the box on your thinking check out all kinds of websites from all sides. Gosh you may hate the tree-huggers, but they are the best sites for off the grid info. You may hate the the Tea Party but they do keep close tabs on the feds. You may be angry at left or right politically but there is a lot to be learned on the basics. I think most of us humans tend to have a lot more in common than we realize. 
A warm home, good food, good friends, good BBQ and homemade beverage of your choice and coffee is all I need to be happy. I’ll work the veggies and deserts in with it. LOL

Making a plan: Now I’m setting up my yardsale list. I always start this in Jan. and add to the list. Last year I focused on Cast iron pots and skillets, Kerosene lamps, good Knives and cleavers, pasta machines and coffee percolators/French Press coffee makers, and hand power drill or treadle sewing machines. Human power
Look at what what it will cost you to buy retail and then cut it in half for a yard sale.Be able to walk away. Yes it maybe a lovely antique but my life and the lives of my friends and family may depend on it. I ain’t into pretty I’m into what works.
Layaway: Both Sears and K-mart offer an 8 week layaway program. Many of my local stores and pawn shops offer layaway. I’ve really gone away from credit cards, for me they are to easy, it’s like I’m not really spending my money until the bill comes due. Ouch! So no credit cards for me and haven’t had one for over 3 years. I miss them every once and a while, until I see the interest rates. I love layaway! lol

I think you need at a min. 3 weeks of the basic 5 from the planning for the future I .Three weeks means you can survive at least a fast crash. You don’t have to shop, you avoid the mobs/riots.  I believe that 1/2 year of food and water is critical break point. You should have seeds, a garden and made a few connections or are growing your own protein. You can survive a bad harvest at the grocery store, cause you have a garden.
I’m buying more beans, rice and corn, cause I know the price will go up.

 Now long term:
 I’m going with silver. I was looking at paying my home off early but right now that’s dumb as it is a depreciating asset. I’m making my payments but nothing more. Now silver looks too hold value or increase against the dollar. So that’s where I’m focusing right now.
Now as of this month I pay off my car (4 months early) I’m debt free, I have over a year’s worth of food and 3+ months of water, and backup of backups. LOL
I have to invest in some maint. on the car and Trike. Repair stuff, extra oil/filters, belts and spark plugs. Replacing tires and brakes need work on the car. Just normal wear and tear on the car. Extra tires for the trike, 3 in 1 oil, and a lockable box for shopping.
I’m assuming it (the economy) will all fall apart . If I’m wrong, Great!! I’d love not to face $5.00 a gallon gas or heating oil going through the roof or a $1.00 per pound of sugar. I want to be wrong. I just don’t think I am wrong. Worse thing that happens if you follow my advice is you get debt free, you have food and water for any disaster. You have few shiny coins of silver of gold. You can take vacation, not shop for weeks. Xmas and b-day gifts are taken care are done.  If I’m right……


2 Responses to Planning for the future part III

  1. Rhonda says:

    I really like the layaway plans too…but the Wally-world closet to us stopped doing the layaway thing.I also go to alot of garage sales during the summer.I have picked up some very useful items…like canning jars and wool blankets.Good idea on the list.Guess I should make a list of things we need.Jaime, Thx for taking the time to do this blog.I know you are probally busy most time.Merry Christmas!!

  2. Rhonda I'm doing this for totally selfish reasons. Everyone I get on board is an American and they are ready. Plus I don't have to shoot them cause they have their own food, guns and ammo. I can't shoot them all, they are messy, stink and the neighbors complain. LOL

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