Gird your loins and get ready for the new year!

Almost everything you need daily will get more expensive. Food and energy will take more of your paycheck, I think about a 30% across the board increase in cost is what you should be budgeting for food, energy and basics. I think/hope that we have until May 2011 when we will really see the costs hit home. Yes, I know costs have been going up already I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened faster or gone up more.
Anything oil based needs to be bought now! If you were thinking you need to get tires or a have a couple of gallons of oil on hand for car oil changes, Belts and wiring,  Kerosene for lamps and stoves.  Bike tires, WD-40, plastic bins. We have after xmas/new year’s sales to git’er done. Food I think goes without saying , most of us have been going like mad to build a supply.
Now it’s not all bad cause manufacture goods are dropping in price. Plus a lot of folks have overbought and need to downsize and get some cash. So that means yardsales, flea markets and your local Goodwill, Salvation Army and other places will have stuff you will be able to pick up cheap! So get your list ready of stuff you need, stuff you want and have a general price on what you can afford to pay for each item.
Sorry to say this about this about human nature but I’m sure folks bought up a bunch of stuff for the 2008 “Recession” and since the system did not collapse and the mainstream media says things are getting better they will sell off that survival/prep that’s collecting dust or taking up space and “We never use it anyway so why not sell it?” I need the space for ….
Don’t get crazy, that’s why you have a list and a budget. LOL But I think this spring is going to be a great time to pick up hard goods that you will need/want at some great prices. Some extra heirloom seeds and stuff for the garden. Since the “Feds” snuck in the food bill on the “lame duck congress”.
Have at least 3 cans (5 gal.) of fuel and 3 bottles of propane. Rotate the gas every 6 months or add Sta-bil and it should last a year. Every 3-6 months topoff the car from the cans and then refill the cans.
I’m still buying everyday goods when I find sales, but my big purchases this year will be new tires for the car, a solar oven and a small solar power set up for the RV and silver.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Good advice and you seem to have a good plan for yourself….I am planning on trying to get a solar oven myself this year.Thx for the reminder on the kerosene…need to pick up some more.My daughter found some canning jars for us on freecycle!We will pick them up when next in her town,that sure helps.I would also like to purchase a dehydrator this year.There are so many things we need its easy to feel overwhelmed.But like you keep telling us we just have to keep plugging away.I found a neat site this morning that has recipes for soups and bread and such…like dinner in jar type thing.Heres the link.

  2. ASR,That is a great post! Things are going up,as gas heads up so will everything else. Not to mention all the crazy weather destroying crops.Us folks who only buy new stuff need to realize those days are over. Its sad to get over cause folks are broke but heck they need to sell you need to buy win win.Times are getting worse prepping can help take the sting out of it! Thanks for all the great info!ChinaIII

  3. Gods-Hammer says:

    UNRELATED to this days post.I was surfing your "MY BLOG LIST". GRANDPAPPY"S INFORMATION HOME is SOOOOOO relevant and full of practical information.I consider myself to be a "raised in the woods redneck" trapping, riding horse, shooting since I was 5 or 6 and there is ALLOT of information on that site I saved as word documents and am going to print out AND move to an external drive.Thanky Mam

  4. Hammer, Glad you like Grandpappy's site. He's very good and the info is practical.I was looking over the sales flyers today and the downsizing of cans and boxes are very noticable now. Prices were lower but what used to be a 14-16 oz. can is now 10 oz.Rhonda until you get your food dryer you might check out Alton Brown's Jerky recipe and home made fooddryer. He has a couple of setups for a simple terra cotta smoker and a cardboard smoker.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Yes,I think I will…Thx!Was looking on Lehmans site.They have a wooden/screen dehydrator that you use with solar…thinkin' on that too.

  6. Well china I have been shouting from the momtaintops for some time on grains. Like ususual most folks don't listen. I think the bust will happen, I think we have some time but not a lot.

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