I will…..

I’d like you to think about a pledge to yourself.  I will…. pledge. It can be any thing you chose, but require a goal, how you will meet that goal and a celebration of that goal. It could be as cheap or expensive as you desire.
It may be providing at least 2 hours of candlelight for 2 months for family and how to do it. It may be enough gold to leave the country and live in the lap of luxary. Then again I don’t think I get many of those types at my little blog. Then again you never know? šŸ˜‰ Do you think Ashtor Kutcher reads my Blog LOL

I’ll do charity for…
I’ll protect myself by….
I’m getting ready this way…..
I’m learning more…
I found a great website at….
I know many folks have invested ton of time and energy in survival/preparedness blogs. I’m a rank Tyro to this cause. Better than some but with lots to learn. Pick a topic wher you have had sucsess prepping. Or an insight or something I didn’t see (That should be easy). Sorry no gifts to offer since I do this commercial free. Just my undying gratitude and the hope you help others.


4 Responses to I will…..

  1. Rhonda says:

    Ok…I'm thinkin'….Will let ya know.I'm just worn out right now,gonna go to bed and dream of mylar bags and extra cat litter…lol.Good night,Jaime.

  2. You are doing great Rhonda! I was so impressed you got most your grains that is a huge accomplishment. Perhaps I should have added in "I will count my blessings."

  3. Rhonda says:

    Thank you,Jaime.It took a long time to get our grains.The bulk is wheat and rice…a few hundred pounds each of popcorn and pasta.Its a really big deal for my budget…lol.Thats what I love about your blog…its sooo unlike'Rawles'.

  4. Thanks Rhonda Rawles has some good ideas but, a little hard for your average family to afford. I'll use whatever will work for me and make it my own. I figure if I can make it work for me. Just about anyone else can afford it or can put their own spin on it.

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