I am just sick and disgusted!

Today there was a shooting in Tucson AZ. Many folks shot including a congresswoman, a judge and several bystanders. At last update the judge and a 9 year old girl are dead and perhaps others. Several wounded including the congresswomen.
What makes me sick is the folks trying to spin this politically. “It was __________ fault!” Fill in with the favorite bad guy of the moment.
Please don’t jump to conclusions let’s wait a bit and see what’s going on. I have family and friends that are “Liberal” and I’m a “conservative” and none of us are responsible for for this person or persons actions. The individual is who did this is responsible for his or her actions.
Please think about lessons to learn. You hear gunfire drop to the ground or get to cover (within 2 steps) Don’t run!. Do you know basic 1st aid , prevent shock or CPR? Would you have a 1st aid kit in the car and some blankets? Do you have a cell phone ready to call 911? I don’t expect you to be “Dirty Harry” this was a lousy environment for returning fire.
Situational Awareness: This happened at a grocery store. I know when I go shopping my mind is on my list and some money for extras if possible. I’m not thinking about shooters! Take a moment and look around. If it feels bad take a few more moments to avoid the crowd or park in a different spot. Trust your instincts, but you must give them a some time to work.A few times you will feel silly, but if the SHTF you will have to do it. So you might as well practice it now.

A bunch of folks tackled the “shooter”. Gosh they were brave or just not thinking. Probably some of both!


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  1. Rhonda says:

    When I heard about this …I knew the media and the ones that control them would be all over this.So sad.A woman is fighting for her life and others are slinging mud and acting like a#@$!My prayers are going out for everyone involved.Especially the childs parents.How heartbroken they must be.

  2. Sad indeed! Worse yet he belonged to the commies who are blaming Limbaugh etc… I am praying for the families of all involved! Kids brain come unwired! Good advice on situational awareness being needed at all times these days!ChinaIII

  3. Edit Was reading the Mil Blog "this aint hell" that 74-year-old Colonel Bill Badger tackled Jared Loughner while he was reloading his Glock according to telephone interviews with Fox News. Yeah, you go and try to find the story somewhere.Col. Badger was also shot in the back of his head before he tackled Loughner. According to Col. Badger, someone whacked Louchner with a folding chair while he was reloading. That gave Badger an opportunity to grab his left arm while someone else grabbed Loughner’s right arm and they forced him to the ground.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Wow….yes,I would say Col.Badger is a hero.So many more people could have been injured or killed if he had not acted.This story and the people involved have just took over my mind this mornin'.Cant seem to get around and get stuff done.You can bet your sweet arse I am gonna be much more aware of my surroundings from now on!

  5. Rhonda says:

    Well….it doesnt look like its gonna work.Sorry.Its the story of the nine year old little girl that was killed.

  6. Gods-Hammer says:

    Don't let them get you down Jamie. The PTB and the sheeple will always use these incidences to point and jab at those who are actually awake and paying attention. We are responsible to do the best we can with what we've got where we are. Though not deterring this nut case, a timely second amendment armed citizenry response would certainly have reduced his shooting time and even with collateral damage would have been better than bum rushing him after a 30 round mag change. About first aid, I have all my kids, as we graduate them, get the state certification for EMT Basic for about $300 for the class now…. which in reality doesn't teach much more than basic first aid, CPR, and "give everyone oxygen" … except some chronic lungers who may develop breathing difficulty from to much oxygen. EMT basic offered by your community collage is a good place to start.. then volunteer with your local EMS and cozy up to the Paramedics they are the closest you get to battlefield trauma medicine in civilian life.ALSO Jamie you mentioned Kellene doing some conference call education this year Wednesday evenings on alternating weeks medical one week financial the other ….. they both look very interesting.Be of good cheer, you are just passing through this world. One foot in front of the other.

  7. You are so right Hammer! As I heard the story I was thinking "It's Begun" But I am okay, I got a new project courtesy of Rhonda for recipes made with canned meats. I also found some great new recipes using a pressure cooker/canner. I am very excited to try these out.I found looking for something positive to do broke me out of that negative and angry cycle. Got some meat/seafood loafs, Casaroles, Jambalyas, Creole and Latino recipes. I'm going to try with canned, fresh and frozen veggies. Plus use grills gas and charcoal and the pressure cooker.

  8. Rhonda says:

    I tried replying earlier but my dang internet went down.When the weather is bad we dont get reception.Awwwww,Thanks,Jaime!I am really looking forward to learning what to do with all my canned and freeze dried meat.I know of a few recipes…but the same thing over and over will not be good for my grands morale.Ya know….this is a fairly new blog…But I do believe you have what it takes to pull together a great online community.I am looking forward to seeing this blogs followers list grow.

  9. Rhonda says:

    P.S…..China,Havent I spoke to u before over at SHTFMilitia forum?I am Rsue…well…maybe I just read one of your comments…lol.Have a nice day everyone and stay warm.

  10. Kurt says:

    Jaime, where did ya get the recipes for the pressure cooker? Would love to pick some up. Been trying to get one for myself last couple months.Hammer, that ain't a half bad idea. Might have to try and remember to ask around tomorrow about EMT training. Thanks for the idea.

  11. Kurt The pressure cooker Recipes are mainly from the "Culinary Institute Encyclopedia Cookbook" 1977 Edition. I am very intrigued by the presser cooker meatloaf cooked in 15 minutes and supposed come out nice and moist. Plus I picked up a Wok cookbook and a few cheap little recipe books at the dollar stores for different cuisines like Italian or Latino cooking. I like experimenting with different foods and then making the recipe mine.

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