Here come the Feds!!

You are problem citizen, you’re not watching reading or listening to us in the Government. Don’t you know we give you freedom from want? We will pay for your energy bills, give you food stamps. Declare you incompetent for taking care of yourself/family and give you money? All we need is your vote a we will take care of you. It’s not your fault citizen, others took from you. They were smarter, luckier, or worked harder than you. They simply moved ahead on effort and got rich and won’t share with you. You who are in a minority, the schools did not prepare you for the “Real World”. (That’s one I agree with). No Lotto, no dancing with the stars, no American idol.
You can’t read, write or do simple mathematics. You could have learned stuff in school or gone to the Library and taken courses from MIT for free! But why learn when ignorance is instant and requires no effort? Plus the Feds like you that way and pay you for it?
What if the feds cut your benefits and declare “Marshall Law” and no longer need your votes? Did you see Katrina in N.O. ? That’s what you have to look forward too, except no Coast Guard.

I think our time to prepare is short and it’s no longer if,  but when? So please visit these sites. It won’t be polite but most have something to teach you or point you in the right direction for your own research, and implementing ideas. Sorry,  but I think the “Stuff Will Hit the Fan” within the next 3-6 months. I really hope I’m wrong! I can’t be polite when I think about folks lives. People are choosing up sides and it’s getting nasty. I don’t think it has to be about sides. I think surviving is a good start and something we could all agree on. Yet many folks still want to be children and have “Big Daddy Government” take care of them. Yes, I’m on the “Dole”. The Feds told me it was insurance, It was a lie! But I played the game and I was wrong. My bad! now I have to get hot on finding some other income. I really don’t need much about $1100.00 per month and I can make it. If I could work it would be a breeze. But employers tend to frown on my needed nap times. I don’t blame them I wouldn’t hire me either!


One Response to Here come the Feds!!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Jaime….girl, I dont know what your physical problem is but I can idetify with you to an extent.I believe your attitude and your strong will and…of course..your old soul will see you thru.You have alot of knowledge that people are gonna need..your community,for example…not to mention your family.DONT LET ANYTHING GET YOU DOWN!You are gonna be one of the people that come out on the other side of this mess with your face glowing.I am willing to bet on that…otherwise…why would I spend so much time on this site? Your take on the big gov scene mirrors mine.Dont it just make you sick to see all the people going about their daily routine without a clue?Makes me want to throw a hissy!If I thought it would do any good,I would.

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