Get Local!!

I know a lot of us shop the Big Box stores because we are trying to get the most for every dollar we spend. But I’d like you to look around or tell us about some small shops or businesses you like to use. I found a great shop less than a mile from my house that sells supplies for making your own beer, wine, cider, soda pop and cheese. I didn’t even know about her until I googled Cheese Wax  and My home town. Stopped by her shop (in her Garage & Kitchen) Put in an order for 2 # of cheese wax and she has good buys for the bottles and beer making ingredients since I save shipping costs! I am really lucky to live here in S. Idaho and have a local grocery store (Paul’s) that buys local produce and meats. Heck they even give you the name of the farm they buy the veggies and fruit. How cool is that?
The reason that I bring this up is the cost of gas is going up! So we have to rethink how we shop and factor in higher fuel cost in our budgets. I think this is one of the advantages of living in a small city as opposed to the country. Most of my shopping is located within a mile of my home. The rest is within 5 miles, that is within me and my trike’s range, even with my handicap. So could you grocery shop without a car? Can you change how often you shop from every week to once a month?
Another reason I bring this up is I don’t think “Elites” or PTB’s will change their ways. Look how fast the new congress is walking away from the pledges they made to get elected. How quickly the MSM portrayed the Tea Party and anyone who disagrees with the elites of D.C as being a threat. Even if they must lie to convince their audience. It’s okay, “It’s for the greater Good”.
I used to be a hardcore conservative, not so much anymore. Not that what I believe has changed but what is done by “conservatives” is not what I want done in my name or vote. I go to “Green sites to learn about organic growing and living off the grid”. I go to Conservative sites for attacks on our rights and attacks on the Constitution. I think we do share a lot of common ground that could be could be good use if we don’t buy into the “Us vs. Them” game the PTB’s play.
I’m no longer playing the game. I will use whatever info that helps me be more self-sufficient and less dependent on the Feds. I will get to know my neighbors/family and help out if possible. I expect the same from them. I’m not building a bunker, I’m building a network and a community of mutual support. If a neighbor/family wants to retreat to a bunker or denial.  I will respect that, he/she just doesn’t get my support and I won’t bother them, I also will not help them.


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  1. Gods-Hammer says:

    Howdy!Good points on networking, the future will most likely come down to dealing locally, especially if there is a deterioration in finance and transportation. Making contacts now with neighbors and like minded folks nearby will put you on good footing in the future. Some examples of local contacts for me are buying from a co-op (several families make bulk purchases to get wholesale), buying beef directly from the farmer (by the quarter), buying honey from the beekeeper (in 5 gallon buckets), buying from the local bent n dent grocery stores, buying from the local farmers market (real farmers NOT the expensive pretend farmers markets).I agree on your point about not putting much faith in the "bunker" having contacts with like minded people away from your area would give you a place to relocate to if very bad things develop in your home area. Whereas holding up in a "bunker" severely limits your options.

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