I think the PTB’s are getting scared!

You can see it in how they fear the people. By trying to stifle freedom of speech, freedom of guns and the Internet. Both left and right, Republican and Democrat and the Mainstream Media. TPTBs (The Powers That Be) think they control the game and can say anything and make it true. Such as there is no Inflation in the USA. Yet Joe and Jane USA are gassing up and grocery shopping and they can see they are paying more and getting less for each dollar.  While the Feds have  allowed us to keep more of our paycheck. Most states and cities are taking more by raising all kinds of taxes and fees.
They are pushing the sheeples, But Tunisia had 2 governments collapse in less than 3 days. Lack of food and employment for young people.  A congress critter got shot and many folks killed and wounded by a “Loon” but when the PTB’s feel threatened, they push again. I don’t think we should be polite anymore. A rancher killed in AZ. by Mexican Drug cartels spilling over the border is no problem. A congress critter shot and we must limit free speech and gun rights again.
Next time someone brings up limiting your freedoms stop them after the “But”….Are congress critter better than your local cops, firemen or soldiers? They all get shot at and are not paid nearly as well as Representatives or Senators and the can’t afford “Body Guards”.


2 Responses to I think the PTB’s are getting scared!

  1. Exactly Brilliant Post! They are supposed to be us not better than us!ChinaIII

  2. Rhonda says:

    Right on target..as usual.

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