If you are new to prepping you need to get HOT!

Inflation is not going away. It does exist as anyone going to the grocery store or the gas pump sees this daily. Buy in bulk. It maybe 50 # bags of corn meal, beans or rice. But those will give you the “best bang for the buck”. Remember 50# of rice or beans equals 500 4 oz. serving
Grow a garden, containers raised or sunken beds. Have the seeds on hand for a couple of years and go “Heirloom” seeds if possible. Learn scratch cooking, everytime you bake a loaf of bread you save .75 cents to 3 dollars you don’t spend in the stores. Plus Artisan breads are very easy, though take some time. But it’s free time and you can do something else. Start thinking low-tech, I’m not saying don’t use your gas or electric oven, but do you have a work around? Could or would you think of making meatloaf  in 15 minutesor bread in less than 30 minutes in a  pressure cooker/canner? I know I didn’t. What an awesome fuel saving device a pressure cooker/canner. Now I’ll be trying out some recipes I’ve found. A few no cook, pressure cook and intergrating can meats in the menu ala Rhonda. I hope to intergrate most grains though Rhonda owes me some Popcorn polenta/corn recipes.
I’ll give out some money saving ideas I have used that work well. It’s about getting lean and tight. Getting the most bang for your buck. Not paying for what you don’t need and getting basic. You can add whatever you want and can afford. My lifestyle is way off normal as a disable vet. But these are things that save me money. You may find a way to make them work for you.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Yep…its time to get busy..all of us.We need to think ahead and budget for what we need..now…before what we need is no longer available.Jaime…my polenta takes many forms.You can add cheese,mushrooms,peppers,diced 'maters.You can chill it and slice to fry.I like bacon grease to fry it in.Not really good for my health but good for my taste buds.Makes a good breakfast as corn mush,staple in the south. Menu ala Rhonda?Girl….you just made an old woman giggle…that just dont happen often..felt good!

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