Makes a difference in My life?

We have to get real. Does Obama dyeing his hair matter? He still believes what he believes. His actions speak louder than any words he has uttered. Some folks look good in gray hair some don’t. Obama sucks in gray hair. Okay now that we got his dye job out of the way does his hair color have anything to to do with the state of the nation? Is his hair color relevant to where we want this country to go? Arguing about if he dyes his hair passes for political discussion now? Lets look at his word and actions. Not his hair color.

3 Responses to Makes a difference in My life?

  1. OOWWHH His words and actions another gray area I am afraid!ChinaIII

  2. Mayberry says:

    It's amazing, the stupid things people will go on about. "Who cares" is my usual response to such things…

  3. Rhonda says:

    My response is usually a shake of my head and a confused look on my face.I fail to understand most people these days.Who cares what color Obamas hair is? Not one person with any sense.

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