Making the best you can on what you got or what you can do!

I’ve been doing this Blog since Sept. of last year. For a couple of reasons. #1. I think I have something for the low cost prepper. A few good ideas that have worked for me. #2. Being disabled does not make you handicap, or your value as a human being goes down based on output. If you believe that please go make your arguments to Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison. I think I have value. I am good at lots of things and I do good research. I will make my village, and try to do my best always. No,  I don’t always succeed. I just keep trying and learning.
But this is a win/win situation. If I am right,We will use our pantry to eat on or stretch all rations. If I am wrong, and the system does not collapse. We don’t have to shop for for months to a year. We are prepped for any disaster. We have a lot of cash to spend for that PC, LCD TV or game system. When we can pay cash for it.
That’s what pisses the PTBs off we are free of their system. We aren’t slaves to debt. We don’t buy into that credit/debt is wealth. Listen to those banker folks you must go into debt so we can resell that debt to someone else. You need/deserve a credit card and we will pump you up on how badly you need a card by showing the poor schlubs that actually pay cash or write a check and slow the whole system down. How dare us!
When the mainstream starts pumping me on what I should do I go opposite. #1 I’m an American and being contrary is my right. #2 Why, whats the story? I don’t like the push or nudge. (See rule #1)
# 3 Please tell me why having extra food, fuel and ammo or guns is a bad idea. I’ll give you that you can make us look like loons MSM. But why is it a bad idea? My food store is layers 2 years, 5 years, then 25 years. I’m prepared like DHS tells me to do. A bit of water, a bit of cash, a bit of food. I’m going organic and growing my own food. Oh I know the problem, I’m not dependent and I don’t fit your storyline.


5 Responses to Making the best you can on what you got or what you can do!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Well,I guess we are just gonna have to be loons then….because I am not gonna stop trying to prepare my family for'whatever'.Your view of disability is heartening.My oldest daughter has MD.She fought her way thru college.She has never let her physical limitations keep her from doing whatever she wants to do.She might have to fiqure out a different way to do it but she does it!!!She has dang near the amount of preps I do.You are right,Jaime.Your attitude has alot to do with your ability to accomplish your goals.All goals,little and mega.The Govs view seems to be…..Let us do what we feel should be done for you and no more.I thought I was contray because I am just getting old…lol…now ..You tell me its my right as an American…Wow…my hubby isnt gonna agree!Oh,well!

  2. I'm happy among the crazies. yeah I'm disabled and folks say I'm so brave. I'm not I survived and I do okay but I'm not brave.I survive cause I have no choise other than give up. I do it cause I have to. I'm sending out a little prayer for you and yours. Give your girl a big hug and big "Zen" hug from me. Plus my Mom would wollop the tar out of me if I gave up.

  3. Kurt says:

    "Plus my Mom would wollop the tar out of me if I gave up."And we would offer to video tape it so that she could post it on YouTube. You're needed. Get used to it.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Amen,Kurt!This is the first blog I check everyday.Most times 3 or 4 times a day to ck on comments and such.I like the straight up honest way things are presented and the advice is always good and full of thought.You are needed,Jaime!I would welcome you to my 'village' any day.You and all that good common sense.I was browsing the Lehmans site earlier today.Thinking om getting one of those cast iron dutch ovens.I got a book on dutch oven cooking but never have tried it.Ya'll got any tips or advice?

  5. Rhonda says:

    Oh, and thx for the sweet thoughts on my daughter.Shes a dear.

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