Time to stay flexible and be agile

I think that we should stay fluid and cash heavy for the next 2 weeks. I’m not saying not to pay your bills just put it off till the due date and not pay ahead. I may be totally wrong (and I hope I am). But I think will get some announcement that everything is good and not to worry. Okay if you don’t have food, water, shelter. You should worry.
I do think we have time to pick some of those extras to have on hand at Big Lots or grocery outlets. But we got to get hot to get ahead of the inflation curve. We only have about 6 weeks to get a store against inflation.At a semi-good price.
I truly hope I’m wrong. If you knew me I have a big attitude of “I told you so.” Now I don’t want to be right be cause of happens after 3-7 days or weeks and months. Gosh Haiti would be a love-in compared to the cities in the USA getting hammered.
You may not be in the eye of the storm, but you must deal with it. In one form or another. If you can’t sqeeze any more in your brain get some books. I recommend the Boy Scout guide and the SAS handbook. Lots of free downloads available on the web of Army Manuals and I have seen the rest of the Armed forces put manuals on the web as well. Print them out now if possible at least save them to CD or DVD for if you get access to a pc or a printer. If you have chance to get a laser printer…GET ONE even if its just black and white. That’s where it shines!! They are cheap under $100.00. Keep the ink jet for photos and everything else goes to the Laser printer. How much paper do you have on hand?
Now is the time to get some of those “critical” needs to sustain yourself and I’m not talking food. Can you survive if all electricity, water and sewage was cut off? Do you have a plan?
Let’s say the city cuts the police force in half and firefighter by a 1/3. Do you have a plan?
Could you get rid of trash or dispose of it safely? Do you have measures in place for your neighbors throwing bags and bags of trash away, yet there is no pickup? Would you haul it away at a higher cost to you? Even though it makes you safer? Or would you think it’s not my job and only haul away your trash. Then think how noble you were to dispose of your trash responsibly. In any kind of city or town we will have to take on more responsibility. Yeah maybe the neighbors are slugs but to keep you and yours safe you will have to do the right thing and exert more effort than them. It’s your family that is at risk, you have to remove that risk. I’m not talking violence. I’d say shunning and isolation will do the trick with a little public scrutiny. It does work or at least turns them in on themselves that they are no longer a problem. Remember it doesn’t matter what the problem is. You just have to fix the problem.


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  1. Kurt says:

    We should start a list of websites where we can download these type ebooks and manuals. Anybody game for it? I can keep a list on my site if you don't want to do it here. I recently had to redo my box though, so I have lost all the links. If we put them onto a website, we can access the list again if something were to happen to the computer, at least till the net goes away. So lets make a list here on your blog, or pass them along to me so that I can post them. One way or another, lets get a comprehensive list though.One thing we can also do is burn them off onto CD so that they can be transferred to other computers in case the main one goes down, somebody else needs them, etc(not DVD as some older computers don't have a DVD drive). This is one reason I think having at least one of the big solar panel jobs from Harbor Freight is a good idea, to keep at least one laptop or netbook going. They can be useful for reading info, communications while the lines stay up, or even entertainment in the form of DVDs or music. But if you have them also burned off onto CD, if that one dies, you can transfer to just about any other computer, and you can load them onto somebodies computer that also needs them. They in turn might be able to help you out in some fashion. Remember though, not all computers have a DVD drive, so CDs.

  2. That is a great idea Kurt. I think it's doable even if several folks down load the same data. Creates redundancy. I've found some great dl's and recipes.Kurt, would you be willing to be a repository? Or at least a link? I think we will be targeted so it will not be safe. I know I'm targeted 6 ways from Sunday. Not cause I'm special, I just fit the profile. I may be over reacting. But its best that folks get'er done off web.

  3. Kurt says:

    I would be surprised if I was not walking around with a bullseye on me. Think I was painted before I was born lol. Only the Lord is able to keep me alive at this point.Yes, start feeding me links. If you ain't sure about putting them up here, you have my email address, and you still have an account on my site that you can use to send me them in PM there. I will try to get them put up as fast as I get them. If they are not copyrighted material, I can also host some as well. How many will of course depend on things like how big they are.

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