A few money saving ideas

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m always looking for new ways to save money! Every time I find a “Saving money” 90-95% of the time its the same old top 20. Turn off your lights, Proper tire pressure, yada,yada,yada. Hey, I’m looking for some new info not the same old crap I can get in every magazine, newspaper and radio or TV show for the last 30 years. Now the following are some I have picked up and you don’t usually see in the MSM.

  1. Eliminate vampire loads. Get some extra power strips with long cords and plug your PCs, TV/Home entertainment systems, Microwaves, Coffee Pots into them and just flip the reset switch to kill the load.
  2. Timing your Electrical Load. Try to use your heavy load items such as electric ovens and dryers after 9:00pm Weeknights or on the weekend. Just by timing I have saved around $15-$20.00 per month and that’s for one person. I do have one of those smart meter so I saw the savings quickly. 
  3. This in kind of an extension of #2. Cook up a big pot of rice and pasta on the weekend if your family eats them during the week. After cooking the pasta al dente plunge into an ice bath to stop the cooking. You can easily refrigerate them both and have a start for quick meals. To reheat the pasta just dip it in boiling water for about a minute or two. Rice gives you a start on fried rice stir fry, nuke it for a side dish or use it for rice pudding desserts. This will save you both time and energy through out the week. 
  4. TV programming. I use Dish Family package $19.95 per month $5.00 extra for the local channels. An HD receiver and antenna is about $150.00 as a one time cost. Plus the internet has several places you can get TV shows for free or cheap. I know some folks swear by “Netflix” but I have not used them so I can’t say anything but they could be a low cost alternative to cable or Satellite.
  5. Telephone: I use Magicjack which is $40.00 for the first year and then $20.00 each year. Magicjack also runs a sale of 5 years for $60.00. It’s not perfect, sometimes there is an echo or a little cutting out. Not bad just noticeable occasionally. If you don’t have home phone service this might work for you. Google voice and Skype may work for you as well depending on how you use a phone. I prefer pre-paid cell phones or Cricket if you just need a cheap cell phone for emergencies and mobile communications. 
  6. If your freezer isn’t full, fill some bottles or even plastic bags with water and freeze them to make it full. Just 1 or 2 at a time because you don’t want to overwork the compressor. Your freezer won’t have to work as hard to keep it cold. Plus if the power goes out the extra ice it will keep it cold longer.

I hope this gives you some info that’s a little less Mainstream and I have done most of these and  they do save me money.  If you have some way to save money it would be great if you could share it with all of us.

One Response to A few money saving ideas

  1. Rhonda says:

    Thank you for the tips.We use Netflix and really like it.I like being able to pick and choose what I watch.Once a week or so we will watch a movie on Netflix.I catch the news on tv,but not often.I get most of my news on the computer.What do I do to save money?Well…..I stay home on the weekends,that was always our biggest spending days.I garage sale and go to all the thrift stores around here.Nothing you havent already talked about.Thx for the post,good like always.

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