Sales this week

Fred Meyers has a some good buys via the flyer. I’m not sure about your store but mine has plenty of flyers in store and I just grab one when I get there. Now back to the sales

Med. cheddar cheese 4# for $7.00 only $1.75 per pound Great for waxing or get the latest use by date and store in the fridge.
Petit Sirloin steaks $2.88 per pound. Big package 6 steak min.
Langer’s juice 64 oz 3 for $5.00. That’s $1.67 each and it cranberry and pomegranate and good for health. Especially the cranberry juice for preventing urinary tract infections.
Several Vitamins are buy 1 get 1 free. I like the Natures Bounty brand. Fred Meyers doesn’t usually double the price on the vitamins when on sale.
Speed Stick deodorant/antiperspirant .99 cents each
Big K soda 2 liter bottle .69 cents
Fred Meyer TP $3.99 12/24 rolls
FM Butter 3 # for $5.00 another $1.67 each

So that’s what got so far this week. Hopefully I’ll have some more good buys add on Wed. this week from the other stores.

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