It is Simple, if not easy

I can piss and bitch and moan about the feds not saving me. Why should they? Are you a cog in the machine or are you as an individual that has value. What makes me happy may not make you happy. Okay I’ll let you be happy and I’ll go off over here and be happy. Not so hard, you go make quilts and I’ll play  video games. Either a quilt will be valued or video game play will be valued. I think the market will decide value. Not the feds.
I am not a cog or gear interchangeable part for other cogs or gears. I’m a human being dammed by my weakness and willing to reach to the heavens. I’m not your tool and I’m not your property. I’m well armed, I know the Constitution If you are threatened by that so be it.

2 Responses to It is Simple, if not easy

  1. DreamArk says:

    You are so right. We all got weaned off the tit many years ago but the Feds keep wanting to stick theirs with it's sour milk back in. Keep up the posts, I enjoy them.- James Sorick

  2. I'm just an average person. I got smashed to rock bottom and I like to think came a bit up smarter. No more, I'll give up no more of my rights so others feel safer. I'm not your problem. I have guns all my life and none went on a shooting spree. I was a soldier over seas and in the USA and no attacks were commited on civilians via the 200 plus arms I stored for 4 years. (For other)I protected your rights overseas. I stood against the communist, I gave my body to protect you. On 9/12 2001 I was at your airports, hotels and protecting civilians and US citizens, spouses and children overseas. We have gone to war in your name. If you want the war stop talk to your congresscritter. We go where we are ordered in the military.

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