We have all heard what the Feds are doing to us. What are you doing to them?

The only actions you can control are your own. Hell anyone with a small child will tell you the same. But, you can only control your own actions and reactions. I’m not saying be complacent just when it comes down to it all you can control is you. So it’s your choice, you can get unemployment or drive around delevering pizzas for Pizza hut. You can learn and practice baking bread or buy from a store. You can order from the latest Dollar + menus or make your own. You can keep banking with JP Morgan, Chase, Ally (GM) or Bank of America or you can get local. get off credit and go cash and layaways. Pay down debt  Of course it’s diffacult. What do you want a tummy rub? Grow up and be an adult. Your fault, My fault, no one’s fault we got to fix it. 1 person at a time. Cut up your credit cards, You don’t need it!!Do you have seeds or canning or a smoke house or root cellar? Why are you worring about a car or HD TV and DVR? When you can’t feed your family for a month?
Sorry I had a monent there on my own family.
Your power is limited, if you cant influence freinds and family how much luck will you have in states congress or federal? I am not saying give up you just got to be selective. Get local, start small and dont take the Feds crap. Be noisy, we may not agree, but give us a look.

3 Responses to We have all heard what the Feds are doing to us. What are you doing to them?

  1. Rhonda says:

    Yep…..thats our girl…speaks her mind and shes more often than not right on the button.Everyone needs to start taking much more responsibilty for their actions and reactions.And their welfare and the welfare of their kiddos!What the heck are ya gonna do with that new blackberry phone when your children are crying from empty tummys?Call the Gov.?

  2. I'm sure many will cry out. I just don't have much sympathy. I'm poor by all standards of money. I seem to break about 10-20.00 dollars above to entittlement for extra help from the feds. That's okay I live cheap and budget. I don't think of myself being poor. I just don't have much money is all. I think that's what most folks do. Make payments and choices. I value having 5 years of food, You may value a a 55" LCD TV. About the same price. I'll eat my food, I hope you enjoy your payments, and the FEMA soup kitchens.

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