WOW! things are starting to get sporty!

It is getting chaotic. Food and unemployment riots are spreading in N. Africa. Big stuff in Egypt happening, while Egypt does not have oil it does have the Suez. Politicians leaving and trying to leave with gold. I’ll agree you can’t eat gold but you can’t eat lead either and yet everyone recommends some lead in your prep via ammo. I think gold and silver represent security Financially, as lead is to security immediately measured in kinetic energy and lead grains propelled at significant FPS. No one on the survival sites I ‘ve been to recommends storing  Diamonds.  Yet Diamonds can cut anything (has industrial uses) and are seen as wealth for the elite. No one ever recommends storing gem stones. But we have long drag out fights on PMs (Precious Metals). Alcohol or tobacco are not needed for sustaining life yet almost all survival sites recommend storing these items for use or barter. Why?
I think it as simple that people want these items. There is a perceived value. While it may not say much about most of us, some folks will do anything to feed their addictions of Avarice/Greed, drugs/alcohol and nicotine. I don’t know why folks like gold? Silver has many industrial uses. But gold not so much. Yet wars have been fought for the access to gold. For well over 6000 years the “GOLD STANDARD” has been the gold standard. I guess I became resigned to the fact that gold has value simply because folks believe it has value. Just like the stones of Indonesia or the glass beads given to Native Americans. I don’t know why folks like gold,  but they do, Why do folks value a piece of cotton covered in green ink? Because several folks think that cotton and green ink will get them what they want. And are happy to trade for it. Simple if not easy. I’ll keep buying silver and hopefully I can get some gold in the future.
The reason I bring this up is money and value is different. We got not no time to mess around we got to get basic then move forward. I hate to say this but all of your paychecks, benefit checks are nothing but 1’s and 0’s inputted by a person making min. wage or bit more into a PC. Now we move on to value. Is your dollar worth a loaf of store bought bread? how about home made bread? I can make a loaf of homemade bread for 30-40 cents per loaf including power. Tell me the price of any bread you get in the store. All my prices remain the same on “Artisan breads” or a sandwich loaf on ingredients and power. Buy fresh pasta or make your own? Same story, about 1/3-2/3 cheaper to make from staples. I save money cause I do the work of the processors. I buy low and live high. Instead of ordering out for food at $20.00 + I’ll get a rib eye roast and cook it at home.
Things to look at: Shelter, Security, Water, Food and sanitation. Have those on hand first. Then expand, What I see as important or a priority maybe well down your list. But if you have the first 5 you should be able to get the basics on hand. You got those then you can tweak your program.


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