Fuel up this weekend!!

Some folks are starting to realize where the Suez canal is located and we may see a gas price hike. In the next week it might be a good idea to top off all vehicles and cans, get Kerosene and propane if you can afford it as well. I know a lot of you all are like me and you get your stuff when you get your paycheck and you don’t always have the cash on hand for emergencies or potential price increases. This is where your MAD money comes in to save your butt.
Emergency Fuel preparedness:

  1.  Try to keep tanks 1/2 full
  2. Have enough fuel on hand to fill up your gas tank even on empty. 
  3. I like keeping 3 (6 gal.) cans full and rotate them 1 at a time in the car every 3-6 months. Otherwise use stabil over 6 months of storage.
  4. 3 (20 #) Propane tanks: 1 in use, 1 full, and 1 waiting to be filled.

Don’t get fuel if there is a long line and folks are cranky. Chock it up as a learning experience and try again at a safer time.
Is your bike ready to ride? Do you have alternative transportation if needed? Think of this as a test of your preparedness. You can see where you are strong and what needs some work. Good Luck 


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