I had a great January. The world not so much…

I was able to get some items I had been looking at for some time. Or at least some good substitutions at a good price. I got a little Silver and found a great buy on used Mr. Heater. What’s great is Tactical Intelligence just did a review of the biggest model and thought it was pretty good overall. I like propane since it stable and easy to store unlike some fuels not to dangerous if treated with respect and a little common sense. Plus I like that I can use it in the house or in the RV or a tent to take the edge off the cold.
Got my PJ’s and a couple of robes that are very warm and are great for cold weather. Paid off the used car and dropped my insurance rates a few dollars a month. Topped off some food needs and “the country store” ( My pantry) got some good additions on spices, soap, dish soap, pet food and TP at a good price. I got some bunnies for free from my Aunt about 2 years ago and I gave back 3 free bunnies last year. She was a “snow bird” but hung around this winter because of health problems in the family. Well she now has a 6 week old litter of 8 bunnies and started a quilt that consists of over 760 pieces and is doing great. I guess a lot of us in the family are throwbacks. šŸ™‚
The Middle East and N. Africa is all “Higgedly piggiley” since the USA started exporting our inflation. Funny the PTB’s didn’t take in consideration folks with no jobs, rising food costs and Global Markets that can be crushed by a few greedy elites stealing from folks and folks getting tired of it. This is scaring the PTB’s worldwide cause unless the “sheep” go along, the whole game falls apart. What most PTB’s fail to realize that food and fuel are critical to most folks. A few percentage points in cost are huge to the poor. You can’t stretch starvation over a year as cost/benefit ratio nor freezing or hypothermia. Then again maybe they can since all people are is a drain on the PTB’s resources.
What’s funny is these folks have no guns, and what they are doing is phenomenal. Can you imagine this happening in a country with guns? I’ll give the protesters this they know they are on their own and still they fight.

2 Responses to I had a great January. The world not so much…

  1. Rhonda says:

    I have been watching the news online all day.They sure are raising cain.(in the middle east)We will feel the backlash of all this soon,I'm sure.I fear that the country will become a muslim regime.PREP,boys and girls…..things are heating up the world over.I worry about all our young people…..the world is changing so quickly..What will their lives be like?Different from mine as a youngun',I'm sure.I got some accomplished in January…but not enough.So I will just keep on pushing forward.Good post!Thank you!

  2. Gods-Hammer says:

    Fear not! Teach your youth to shoot straight and speak the truth, you stand in the gap in the wall at your home, me and mine will stand at ours. America WILL be different but it will all work out to the good of those who hear the call.

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