USA Banana republic

Ironically Davos can’t deal with the rebellion of hungry folks that are unemployed. There is no “middle class” in the USA most of the lower 70%  are bailing out Wall street and the Banksters. The USA has become a “Banana Republic” Where the Elite have the power and we are given food stamps, energy assistance and pay and pay while we lose value on every investment. Yes most of us are warm and have some shelter, food and water we are slaves to the system. We have Ipad, Ipods and Kindles. Cheap TV’s HD and texting, yet we can’t name our neighbor. But we have cable, Rule of law? don’t be silly, banksters and Wall street make Billions and are fined $10,000. That’s not a fine that’s operating costs. I bet they spend more on utility bills. But we bailed them out and bought their stock. Did you get a check on that stock? Did you get a dividend? All I know is since my house lost value and LCD’s and Iwhatevers are so cheap that offsets my food and energy costs according to the Fed.

Well you corporations got low employment costs that you wanted. Except you stopped paying us and we can’t afford that LCD, I whatever, cars and homes. Good job Wall Street, bankers and corporations, you killed the “Golden Goose”. If you are afraid to cut up the card, ask yourself why? Could you live without a Credit Card?
If not why?
What can the average person do about it? Get out of the system, go Galt and get basic. Get out of debt, Cut up your credit cards, or  payoff monthly. You don’t need them. If you can’t pay cash , think if you really need it. Prioritize needs and wants. I may want satellite or cable TV I don’t need it to live.
Grow some plants in home or in a garden. No you won’t be independent most likely you will get about 1/3 of your produce via a garden. But it’s all tax free and you aren’t paying folks to create “Frankencrops”
This will cost you money up front. But you can do it. You are not serfs from Europe. Your forefathers emigrated to make a better life or your parents or grand parents did. You got good stuff in you.
I want you always to think outside the box. You are not a slave to oligarchs or the elites. You are unique, special and made in the image of God. That is worth saving, you are not an animal. You have a soul.
It will get get ugly. Set your moral compass now.Cause you will have to make choices. Make sure you can live with the choices you make.

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  1. Mayberry says:

    Some of the "banana republics" are starting to look pretty good about now. I can see myself on Roatan, Honduras. Or Panama. Or maybe some Pacific island (Nuei tops that list). Lots of places are looking much better than the land of the fee and the home of the slave…

  2. @Maberry well most of us don't sail and couldn't plot a course overland let alone the sea. I'd say if you can get out to do so. But I can't and I assume most folks won't. But i'm glad in a way you smooshed your ankle since we'll get more stories from you. Perhaps we can hook up and I can send you some carbonated malt beverage and ease your pain and get those creative juices flowing. I'm starting to learn brewing. By the way I was thinking Belize as a good spot if I could afford it.

  3. Mayberry says:

    Belize, yep that's another good one. I'd love to sample your brew! Sailing and plotting courses ain't too hard. It's that celestial navigation that's a bear…

  4. Well I'll send you some waxed cheese and a brew maybe some cider and wine. I'm learning though all of the beer has turned out good. It will be about fall for the wine and cider. Something new for me using my own grapes and apples. Gonna do some sauerkraut as well as salting fish. Might even take swing at smoking bacon and ham this year.

  5. Gods-Hammer says:

    I have friends that lived in Belize several years in the 90's. It was overall a good experience for their family but there were 2 armed home invasions, no one got hurt. (they were seen as the "rich" gringos even though they certainly were not.)

  6. Russo says:

    I am a new fan of this blog-I found it through google and I am hooked with your words. Your last paragraph was stunning.

  7. Rhonda says:

    Good post,Girl!Think outside the box….will do.The moral side of all this is what keeps me awake at night.

  8. Rhonda says:

    PS….Russo…stay tuned..bound to get better…shes been on a roll lately.

  9. I don't think I'm moral Outside of treat other as you wish to be treated. That actually works well no matter your religious bent. I find many things simple if not easy. I mean define honesty? while we all have a definition I think it is being forthright right, wrong or indifferent and accepting the consequences. For others it means something different. I'm good with reality, Not good with spin or half truths. I want simple news, I can spin and editorialize on my own I need no help from the media.

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