Well I had my "Mad" on, now back to work.

Okay I hope I have convinced most folks to have staples of  rice, wheat, corn, canned meats, veggies and fruit on hand. Making/planning  a garden. But what about meat? Bunnies
While I live in an agricultural area, and many folks are all about self-reliance. I need a permit for chickens that costs. The city code makes for hoops to jump through, and each hoop cost money. What bust this is bunnies, they are mostly ignored in city codes and treated as pets. They are quiet, heck you can train them to use a litter box. They provide good lean meat. Great manure that is not hot and can be spread on gardens, lawns at any time. The fur and skins are great for tanning. Yes, a rabbit has enough brains to “tan it’s hide” (Google it)
Now if rabbits have a fault it is a very lean meat. (Goggle “rabbit starvation”) so you will need fats in your diet. If you are like me and most Americans that is not a problem. at least for the first 6 months. You got your fat stored, on your body. I bet you have “skinny” clothes in your closet.
You are probably good for clothes for awhile. But can you repair cloth and make clothes? Look at a tripling of sweats, shorts, undies and shoes. Anything that has cotton will go up in price, a t- shirt you buy today  at $2.50 will go up to $4.50 in a couple of months. A few dollars on clothes is no big deal. A few more dollars on food is no big deal. A few more dollars fuel is no big deal. A few more dollars in taxes is no big deal.  Add them together it’s a big deal!
Since I live on about $18,000 per year every dollar counts. I don’t get the modest income of Robert Gibbs of $172,000 per year. This is not a rant against the rich. Get all you can when you can morally. I worked in the military and on my best year I got $36,000. counting benefits the Feds want to cut.  Give me $172,000.00 for 3 years.
Gold always runs uphill, you give a poor person a bunch of money. The smart ones payoff debt and invest. The dumb ones buy toys, big cars, boats and homes. Ben stop investing in banks and give it to the people. I mean if you want to be Socialist put the money where it will do the most good. A million dollars is chump change to bankers. Sure it will cause inflation( You like that) but Main Street will clear the debt. Banks profit since they have real reserves and clear off bad debt.
What would you do if given a million dollars? I’m sure you would spend it/invest it.
TARP is looking at 1 trillion in cost and debt. 300 million citizens in the USA. The feds could have given every person in the USA 1 million dollars each and it would have been cheaper than TARP. think about that when reps talk about COLA.


7 Responses to Well I had my "Mad" on, now back to work.

  1. Rhonda says:

    Well….What would I do if I somehow got ahold of a million dollars?I would pay off my childrens homes and get a head start on my self reliant plan.If you had asked me that a few years ago..the answer would have been different.

  2. Kurt says:

    Ummmm you checked the math on that? I'm extremely tired right now, but isn't 300 million time 1 million equal to 300 trillion?

  3. Kurt I was thinking 300 Billion but you may be correct. Okay we do just $100,000.00 but make it tax free 😉

  4. Hello, I came over from Bacon and Eggs…I have read through your entire blog…I really really like your attitude..no complaining, no blaming…just good common sense things to do…looking forward to your future posts..

  5. Wow, city you are so nice. I piss, bitch and moan all the time. I'm just a redneck girl and figure it's time to cowboy up!I'm glad you like the blog. I respect B&E though we have different approaches. We tend to end up about the same place though we take different paths.

  6. Well supposedly my state just recieved TARP/ DC money this quarter. For Q1 2011 it was worth $132,000.00+ for each person (not families, not taxpayers) everyone counted in the census in the state of Idaho. We might get a street car in Boise and a High speed rail train that runs at freight train speed. Color me less than happy.

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