Big News Coffee on sale a Fred Meyers !!

$5.99 for the Fred Meyers brand 34.5 oz can. Not a coupon and there is not a limit in the flyer.
If you are a coffee feind like me this is a good time to stock up. I like the French Roast the best, and I think we will see much higher prices this summer, in the $9.00-$10.00 range for a big can of coffee.
Just buy the latest use by date and you can get at least a year and it will taste fine.

2 Responses to Big News Coffee on sale a Fred Meyers !!

  1. I think this is huge and Big lots is dumping older coffee. O kay I understand if coffee isn't big in your life. But this is a great trade good. trust me as a coffee person, that doesn't suffer migraines on caffiene withdrawl. Get some!!!

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