A few interesting sales going on.

All of my stores are having sales on Chicken. Paul’s and Albertson’s at $.88 per pound legs and thighs and Fred Meyer’s has Whole chicken for $.79 per pound. Since Chicken move through the production cycle so quickly we will probably see them reflect the rising commodity prices first. So now is a good time to get some in the freezer or some for canning.
Cash & Carry is having a sale on pinto beans 50 # for $18.98. A great price for 500 4 oz. servings. Plus beans and rice make a complete protien.
Big Lot’s flyer for Feb 20th has a big (34oz.) bottle of Racantto Extra Virgin Olive oil for $5.00. I’ll be picking some up. I’ve got a couple of gallons of regular olive oil, but very little of the extra virgin and with spring and summer coming that means salad dressing and marinades for the BBQ. Olive oil stores well if kept in a cool, dark spot. Big Lot’s has Xtra laundry detergent 77 loads for $2.50. I have used and I like this detergent. Depending on how much laundry you do a week, you could get a couple of bottles and be set for 6 months to a year.

Lastly folks you will or are seeing some News reports about fresh produce cost jumping up because of the Freeze this year. Don’t freak out!!  You may have to shift from fresh to canned as they are already been priced and now you want to get some seeds anyway for the garden.
Do a salad in a “Bucket”. Start with a 5 gallon bucket. Poke or drill a couple of holes in the bottom, add a layer of rocks for drainage and then potting soil or dirt. Then start filling with your favorite salad veggies. Place a cherry or grape tomato in the center, add some leaf lettuce, some root veggies like small carrots, radishes and green onions. Don’t crowd your plants to much, you can have more than 1 bucket if you like and set in a sunny spot in the house. If you get a warm day you can set outside then bring it in at night, since the buckets are so easy to move. Make sure you have some thing under the bucket to catch any water drainage.
You may want to check out sprouting as well. and no sun is needed for that and tons of info on good sprouts to eat and all you really need is a jar, water and time. 

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  1. Marie says:

    Love the salad in a bucket idea, and the price on olive oil is excellent. I was just checking prices on it and the lowest price I saw was $5.99 for 20-something ounces.

  2. @Marie Big Lots has held consistent $3.50 for 17oz. But for 34 oz. extra virgin Olive oil this is a steal! I got some good deals for 3 liters-gallon of regular olive oil at Cash & Carry about 6 months ago so I stocked up. Greeks and Romans actually the entire Med. Area use it for health, beauty, even lamps. Great multi-tasker!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Jaimie,Do you know the shelf life of olive oil? I heard it was two years unopened in a dark semi cool area.But I have some in storage that has been there alittle longer than 2 1/2 yrs.I caught it on sale and really stocked up.Should I use it? How do you tell if its rancid.Never smelled any rancid oil so I am not sure what I am looking for.

  4. Rhonda 2.5 years seems to be the consensus on unopen bottles though it can be longer. "Depending on conditions as always cool, dark and dry is the best for extending storage. How long beyond the best by date is your olive oil safe to use?If it has not been opened, it depends on how well it has been stored. If it has been stored well, ie the classic dark cool place, then it can stay good for a few years, really. We've opened 4 yr old Lemon oil and it was still fresh and delicious; citrus oils tend to last longer. For regular oil, it could be equally as long. The best test is to open it and smell it, does it still smell fresh and grassy? Does it still taste fresh? Then its ok. If it smells like nuts, that is rancidity. Throw it away. Because our olive oil has such a low acidity when produced, then tend to stay usable longer. Usable is the operative word. It wont hurt you, its just not optimum." http://www.stonehouseoliveoil.com/infohealth/index.html Rancid smell has also been described as a butter or old french fry oil smell.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Thx for respondin'.I just opened it and it smells ok…no nutty smell…..I think its ok.I didnt know what kind of smell to look for.The best by date was a few months back.Have a nice afternooon.

  6. I went shopping and FM's today and no meat prices reflected the sales flyer. I was also asked if I needed raincheck before checkout. Now I've seen the rain check question ask before on certain items. I've never had it happen as a blanket statement. I think FM will meet the sales flyer prices but they won't mind you paying the full/ not sale prices. We will see if get a less than stellar ad and price creep. I bought another 4 cans of fairly cheap coffee, but it's supreme blend and not the "french roast" I really like. If it's okay I'll drink it otherwise it goes in the "barter box".

  7. Older Olive oil may be fine for other uses. beauty type stuff from hair, to faces to making soap. I find I don't really believe the "drop dead dates" on most stored items. Some are based in legal liabilties, some in a bleed of nutrition. If it smells off toss it. If you can't, simply cook to a high enough temp to kill the bug. Canning only came into practice in the early 1800's. Funny the entire human race did not die off. Refridgeration in the 1900's to the early 20th century. Yet we did not all die of botulisim. Can we do better of course.. But I'm no longer concerned about bottle butter. When I know that bog butter lasted 300-1000 years and is still edible.

  8. Rhonda says:

    I dont worry about our canned butter either.The texture doesnt bother me at all.Once its melted its just like fresh butter.Well,not quite as good but good enough!I agree with your view about the whole 'food safety'.gov. thing.

  9. I use marbles and got a good shake on the jars. I'm cool with the texture as well but I keep working to make it perfect. Plus left over marbles make good "wrist rocket" ammo.

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