Don’t Panic!! get ready.

I do hope you bought some popcorn (Alton Brown has a recipe to make your own Microwave popcorn and your favorite beverages and are ready for the show. We are living in historic times. Somewhat comparable to the Fall of the Roman Empire but world wide in scope, and this one will be recorded and broadcast live via the Internet.
Bank runs in S. Korea, a stealth bank run in Ireland, Taiwan will prosecute “hoarders” the Middle East is on fire, and here in the good old USA, housing is getting crazy and MERS states they can’t foreclose cause they  can’t prove they own the note.
Google “mersinc” and check out who has supposedly owned your mortgage. You may want to check with your county assessor if those sales were recorded properly. I know I was was somewhat surprised that my note had been sold 3 times including to Deutche Bank (Germany’s National bank). I’m not telling you to stop paying your mortgage. I’m telling you to get the data for your debt and ask for the “wet ink” and registered info for your mortgage to protect yourself. Make sure you have copies of all payments made. Please cover yourself, cause I think the banksters are out of control.
Commodity prices of the things you need to live and work are up 50-100% across the board. Manufacturers and stores must pass on these costs to stay in business. Anyone on a budget in the middle class is seeing more outgo and less income. Coffee up at least $1.50 per 34 oz can. Gas here in Idaho is up almost .30 cents per gallon in less than 2  weeks. I guessed this inflation was coming and adjusted my budget 3 months ago. I feel for the the folks that listened to the talking points of the MSM (Main Stream Media) and believed them and thought they were well informed. 
You must protect yourself. No one cares about your  well-being as an individual more than you. Watch folks actions and not their words. I’m sure many of us have seen folks “That are all hat, and no cattle”.
Get local and know who you can trust and not trust. Build networks, be nice, help out. It really does work!

Be positive and do your best. Not a guarantee of success. I just I know you will fail without it.

5 Responses to Don’t Panic!! get ready.

  1. Rhonda says:

    I am keeping up with all the worlds goings on….Sure boggles my mind how so many people can continue to live their lives in a state of denial.I am very close to a young couple with 2 little boys.Hardworking,great people.Wonderful parents.But they just cant see 'The' government letting them down….lol….blind.I worry for them.Actually I worry for everybody that cant see things as they really are.I will probally be tied up at the beginning of SHTF..whatever….my kids wouldnt trust me not to take in everyone I know.Yeah…I know.I am workin' on it.I am already workin' on my shopping list for next month.I am cutting out all the fluff and sticking to the staples only so I can double or triple up on the items like popcorn,wheat,yeast,bakin' powder,spices,honey,oil,all sorts of dried beans and lentils,pasta.I just cant see the economy holdin' out much longer.I hope everyone here listens to Jamie and does as she suggests.All the signs are out there.

  2. I'll tell you it scares the bejebus out of me to be right. It was a lot easier to keep making sure I had my tin-foil hat adjusted properly than try to warn folks. It's not the end, but stuff will be very different. I think we got 2 more months to stockup relatively cheap and then gardens will be growing. If I had to pick a time for SHTF it would be spring time. Hopefully we'll get a good harvest and few more folks will wake up as well. We can't save everyone but we will save a few. We are only mortal and can only do our best . God can provide the miracles as needed. I trust him for that.

  3. Rhonda says:

    I have heard that from several people.I am giving myself till May to finish our food stocks..well… finished as a person can be.Can you ever have enough?I am putting other things on hold.

  4. But But Obama and the media say things are fine! Do you mean because gas and groceries are up and people can't get jobs or pay their mortgages that things are bad? I don't know if I can believe this.Surely my Govt and them nice people on TEEVEE wouldn't lie to me.ChinaIII

  5. china I believe we are paying well for the Obamas vacations and diet. If we wern't so dumb we would understand how wondereful they are, using our own money helping us.

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