A couple of Updates

Walgreens is having a sale on Seeds. 5 for a $1.00.  Now theese are a small packages and are “Heirlooms”
Fred Meyers has Tuna 5oz. can 3/$1.00 both water and oil packed.
Didn’t see any other sales that really blew my hair back.

It seems my city has declared my bunnies an agricultural  animal so I’ll need a permit or I have to get rid of them. So I’m giving them to my aunt since she is out of the city and started raising bunnies again, I’ll be working a trade of the cages for a quilt she makes. This way I’ll have access to bunnies but no hassles. I’m goinng to keep a couple of the cages just in case I need to start raising them again.

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  1. Marie says:

    Sorry to hear about your bunnies, but glad that you have a way to still access them.I saw the ad you mentioned, and also noticed that it says limit 10 except in Idaho or New Mexico. I was wondering if they were heirloom seeds, so I am glad to hear that they are, and hope that the phrase except in NM or ID means that we can buy more than 10…

  2. I'm going to grab some seeds Monday. I will post an update and confirm the ID thing one way or the other.

  3. Marie, the limit does not apply to ID and NM. I liked the selection I got some herbs, peppers, green onion, cabbage, cantelope and watermelon and a few others. They also had some flowers like Zinnias and Marigolds

  4. Marie says:

    Thanks for the info! I am planning to go get some tonight, and hope that there are some left by then. I am more interested in the food seeds, but hey, who doesn't like flowers? Especially if there isn't a limit, which opens possiblities. Thanks again!

  5. Well marigolds attract bees but tend to repulse the bad bugs. Sage is also a great one for deserts attracting bees. I'm no tree hugger but there is a lot to be learned working with ole Mama nature. I let my roses grow free, and now I get great blooms and fabulous smells. Life finds a way, and I encourage it. Not a neat lawn at all times but sure does grow.

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